“Bridge and Tunnel Vision” Filming Locations

Series: Conviction Season 1, Episode 2
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Conviction episode "Bridge and Tunnel Vision" was filmed in Toronto in Canada and New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Brooklyn Bridge as Brooklyn Bridge

Sam jogs across the bridge in the morning.

Hillside Gardens (High Park) as Prospect Park

Maxine and Frankie attempt to reenact the night of the attack to figure out the timeline.

New York Public Library as New York Public Library

Hayes talks to Zadie Daniels, the victim of the Prospect Park Three, at the library where she works.

Bay Adelaide Centre West as Zadie Daniels's Work

Maxine starts outside Zadie Daniels's office in their recreation of the night of the attack.

High Park Boulevard & Parkside Drive as Prospect Park Entrance

Maxine continues to follow Zadie Daniels's route home.

Trinity Square as Press Conference

Wallace gives a press conference announcing the investigation into the Prospect Park Three case.

Bryant Park as Bryant Park

Sam and Maxine talk with Zadie Daniels's former coworker who left with her the night of the attack.

The Chase as Fundraiser

Hayes attends another one of her mother's fundraisers and learns that Wallace send her mother to spy on her.

The Chase as Restaurant

Sam meets his reporter friend Lisa Crozier to say he wont give her info on Hayes.