Movies Filmed at Bay Adelaide Centre West

333 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5H 2R2, Canada

The 51-storey skyscraper is the first building in the new three-tower office complex completed in 2009. The site was originally set to be developed in the 90s, but the project stalled during the recession and ultimately halted in 1993 with only the underground parkade and six-storey elevator core completed. When the site was eventually developed, the elevator shaft was removed, but the parkade was retained from the original project.

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60 m

The National Club from Suits
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Canada Permanent Trust Building from Jumper
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Dadich Released

Mirko Dadich evades reporters after being acquitted in episode 1x02 “2.0”.

Henry Sampson's Office

Percy visits Henry Sampson to talk about the botched kidnapping of Jill Morelli in episode 1x03 “Kill Jill”.


Zadie Daniels's Work

Maxine starts outside Zadie Daniels's office in their recreation of the night of the attack in episode 1x02 “Bridge and Tunnel Vision”.

Press Line

Hayes and Wallace talk to the press outside another fundraiser in episode 1x03 “Dropping Bombs”.