“Horizons” Filming Locations

Todd finds himself in the center of a bizarre web of events after discovering a crime scene at the hotel where he works.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency episode “Horizons” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Marine Building as Perryman Grand (lobby)

Todd is working in the lobby when his boss instructs him to head upstairs to deal with some problem guests.

Iona Spit as Power Station

Ken is working on his device at the power station with a bald individual when Bart shows up and almost kills him.

Iron Mountain Store as Country Gas Station

Bart stops for gas and interrupts a robbery in progress before explaining her whole 'Holistic Assassin' idea to Ken.

2420 Guelph Street as Landlord's House

Todd's landlord comes outside to investigate the racket from the apartment building and later the police watch footage of Todd breaking into the house to steal the rent money.

Hasty Market as Hasty Market

Todd is walking down the street at night when he spots the lotto numbers being called from a convenience store TV.