“The Unquiet Dead” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 1, Episode 3
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Doctor Who episode "The Unquiet Dead" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Headlands School as Sneed's Funeral Parlour

Rose and the Doctor investigate the rising dead.


Beaufort Arms Court as Sneed's Funeral Parlour (exterior)

Streets outside the funeral parlor where the corpse of Mrs. Peace runs through.


White Swan Court as Cardiff Street (TARDIS)

The TARDIS arrives in what is definitely not Naples.


St. Mary's Street as Cardiff Street

Gabriel Sneed and Gwyneth search the streets for the walking corpse of Mrs. Peace.


Cambrian Place as Cardiff Street (outside theatre)

The Doctor checks out a newspaper and figures out they have landed in Cardiff, then he and Rose see theatregoers running from the theatre.


The Exchange Building as Taliesin Lodge (exterior)

Rose and the Doctor see people running from the theatre in a panic.


New Theatre as Taliesin Lodge

Mrs. Peace's corpse attends a performance by Charles Dickens and causes everyone to panic.


Shire Hall as Cardiff Street (across from Sneed's)

Rose, Charles Dickens, and the Doctor watch the funeral parlor explode as the rift closes.