“Aliens of London” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 1, Episode 4
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Doctor Who episode "Aliens of London" was filmed in London & Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Brandon Estate as Powell Estate

The TARDIS materializes in the courtyard and the Doctor finds Rose's missing persons flier.

Tower Bridge as Tower Bridge

The alien spacecraft flies over London while crashing.

Westminster Bridge as Westminster Bridge

The alien spacecraft lands in the Thames right by the bridge.

The Queens Walk as Shore of Thames

Emergency services recover the alien bodies from the crashed spacecraft.


Cardiff Royal Infirmary as Albion Hospital

The alien bodies are brought to this hospital for study.


8 John Adam Street as 10 Downing Street (exterior)

The Slitheen are seen entering 10 Downing Street during a news report.


Hensol Castle as 10 Downing Street (interior)

The Slitheen take over Downing Street.