“Tooth and Claw” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 2, Episode 2
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Doctor Who episode "Tooth and Claw" was filmed in Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Llansannor Court as Torchwood House (dining room)

The Doctor has dinner with the Queen.


Headlands School as Torchwood House (bedroom/cellar/hallways)

Rose is talking to a maid when she is captured by the monks and locked in the cellar with the creature.


Tredegar House as Torchwood House (kitchen/observatory/library)

Sir Robert shows the Doctor and the Queen his telescope.


Gelligaer Common as Scottish Moorlands

Rose and the Doctor emerge from the TARDIS in front of the Queen's carriage.


Penllyn Castle as Torchwood House (courtyard)

Some monks arrive at the house and attack the servants.


Craig-Y-Nos Castle Hotel as Torchwood House (front)

Rose and the Doctor arrive with the Queen at the country manor.


Treowen Manor as Torchwood House (stairs/parlor)