“The Idiot's Lantern” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 2, Episode 7
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Doctor Who episode "The Idiot's Lantern" was filmed in London, Cardiff, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Cardiff Royal Infirmary as Alexandra Palace

The Doctor follows Magpie to the television studio to stop his plan.


Cardiff Heliport as TV Transmitter

The Doctor stops Magpie from capturing everyone in the television.


Alexandra Docks as Government Warehouse

The Doctor finds a government warehouse where the faceless people are being held.


End of Lucas Street as Secret Base

Rose and the Doctor follow the government truck only to have it disappear.


Florentia Street (Between Gower & Fanny) as Florizel Street

Rose and the Doctor investigate something going wrong with the televisions.


35 Florentia Street as Connolly House

Rose and the Doctor talk to the Connolly family about their faceless Grandmother.


Cecile Park & Gladwell Road as View of Alexandra Palace

The Doctor points to where the television signal is being transmitted from.


Storefront on Blenheim Road as Magpie's Electricals

Magpie sells cheep televisions in order take people souls.