“The Age of Steel” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 2, Episode 6
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Doctor Who episode "The Age of Steel" was filmed in London, Cardiff, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Coedarhydyglyn as Tyler Mansion

The Doctor helps people escape the Cybermen.


Mount Stuart Square (east) as Update in Street

People in the street receive the command to head to the Cyber factory.


Pomeroy Street as Running from Cybermen

Rose and the Doctor run from the Cybermen in the street.


Alexandra Docks as Running from Cybermen

Mickey runs from some Cybermen.


Sovereign House as Mickey & Rickey Split Up

Mickey and Rickey decide to split up to escape the Cybermen.


Alley off Womanby Street as Cybermen in Street

The Cybermen emerge from an alley and walk down a street.


Sanatorium Road Underpass as Military Checkpoint

Mickey meets with the group and tells them about the death of Rickey.


Grangemoor Park as Cyber Factory Overlook

The Doctor and his companions plan their attack on the Cyber Factory.


Brackla Bunkers as Tunnel to Cyber Factory

The Doctor and Mrs. Moore walk down a long tunnel filled with inactive Cybermen.


Uskmouth Power Station as Cyber Factory Entrance

People walk into the Cyber factory for conversion.


MOD St Athan as Cyber Factory Roof

Rose and the Doctor run to the airship as the factory is exploding beneath them.


Magor Brewery as The Cyber Factory (interior)

The Doctor and the rebels manage to destroy the factory.


Former Ely Paper Mill as Cyber Factory Explodes

Rose and the Doctor attempt to escape the Cyber factory as is explodes around them.


Albert Embarkment (near Lambeth Pier) as TARDIS Arrives

Rose and the Doctor say goodbye to Mickey who is staying behind and then they depart.


Newport Railway Station as Van Drives Away

Mickey and Jake drive away.


Cardiff Heliport as Ladder to Roof

Mickey and Jake climb to the roof of the Cyber factory.