Movies Filmed at Cardiff Heliport

Foreshore Road, Cardiff CF10, UK
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Former Nippon Electric Glass from Doctor Who
944 m

The Port Of Cardiff from Doctor Who
969 m

Compass Road Bridge from Doctor Who
1.1 km

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Doctor Who

Zeppelin Landing

Pete Tyler arrives in his Zeppelin to meet with the President in episode 2x05 "Rise of the Cybermen".

Ladder to Roof

Mickey and Jake climb to the roof of the Cyber factory in episode 2x06 "The Age of Steel".

TV Transmitter

The Doctor stops Magpie from capturing everyone in the television in episode 2x07 "The Idiot's Lantern".

Empire State Building Spire

The Doctor attempts to remove the Dalek installation atop the Empire State Building in episode 3x05 "Evolution of the Daleks".