“Smith and Jones” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 3, Episode 1
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Doctor Who episode "Smith and Jones" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

The Elaine Morgan Building (University of Glamorgan) as Royal Hope Hospital (wards & offices)

The hospital administer is killed in his office and Florence Finnegan tries to blow up the hospital using the MRI.


Usk Valley Business Park as Royal Hope Hospital (hallways)

The Judoon search for their quarry throughout the hospital.


10 Tyfica Crescent as Clive's Car

Clive Jones talks on the phone with Martha and is joined by Annalise.


Queen Street & The Friary as Hospital View

Tish is talking on the phone with Martha when she sees the hospital become surrounded in clouds.


Blueberry Hotel and Grill as Market Tavern

Clive, Francine, and Annalise have a fight outside the pub.


Alley off Market Street as TARDIS in Alley

The Doctor introduces Martha to the nature of the TARDIS.


Singleton Hospital as Royal Hope Hospital (lobby & exterior)

Martha and the Doctor observe the Judoon entering the hospital.


10 Tyfica Crescent as Various Jones Houses

The various members of the Jones family talk to Martha on the phone.


Quay Street as Doctor Confuses Martha

Martha is talking with her family on the phone when the Doctor approaches her and takes off his tie.