“The Runaway Bride” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who 2006 Christmas Special
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Doctor Who special "The Runaway Bride" was filmed in London, Cardiff, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Churchill House as TARDIS Lands

Donna tries to figure out how the TARDIS works.


High Street as Tanks in Street

People run when the spaceship attack and tanks arrive to shoot it down.


Usk Valley Business Park as Huon Particle Laboratory

Donna and the Doctor find a laboratory beneath the Thames and then the secret Racnoss lair is revealed.


Park Street & Westgate Street as Donna & Lance Walking

Donna and Lance walk down the street during a date.


St. John the Baptist Church as Donna's Wedding (interior)

Donna is walking down the aisle when she is transported to the TARDIS.


Atradius as H.C. Clements

Donna hangs out with Lance in the stairway of her office.


International Press Centre as Conversation on Rooftop

After escaping the taxi, Donna tells the Doctor about how she got engaged to Lance.


23 Princes Avenue as Donna's House

After their adventure, the Doctor returns Donna to her home and makes it snow.


Wharton Street & Bakers Row as Doctor at ATM

The Doctor makes a "withdrawal" from an ATM and Donna enters another cab.


Wharton Street & St. Mary Street as Hailing a Cab

Donna and the Doctor attempt to hail a cab.


Millennium Stadium as Tunnel Under Thames

Donna, Lance, and the Doctor enter an underground tunnel and ride Segways.


New Country House Hotel as Wedding Reception (exterior)

The Doctor walks outside the reception and sees the robo-santas approaching.


A4232 (Bridge over Ely River) as Donna in Taxi

Donna is a driven by a robo-santa down the highway.


A4232 (Bridge over River Taff) as High Speed Rescue

The Doctor catches up with Donna's taxi and rescues her from the robo-santa.


A4232 (A4055 Junction) as Highway Chase

The Doctor chases after Donna with the TARDIS.


Baverstock Hotel as Wedding Reception (interior)

After Donna disappears, her family continues with her wedding reception none-the-less.


Waterguard Pub as Date in Cafe

Donna and Lance have a date.


Alexandra Docks as Racnoss Chamber

The Racnoss queen fights with the Doctor above a pit to the center of the world. Filmed in the Newport Docks Impounding Station.


A4 (Lionel Road Entrance) as Motorway Entrance

Donna's taxi enters the highway.


Thames Barrier as Thames Barrier

The Doctor climbs up a ladder and finds himself atop the Thames barrier.