Movies Filmed at Former Nippon Electric Glass

Glass Avenue, Cardiff CF24, UK

Glass manufacturing facility demolished in 2007.

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Trinity Mirror Printing from Doctor Who
658 m

Compass Road Bridge from Doctor Who
908 m

The Maltings from Doctor Who
934 m

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Doctor Who

Royal Hope Hospital (hallways)

Appears in “Smith and Jones”.

Dalek Base

The Daleks plan their takeover from an underground base in episode 3x04 “Daleks in Manhattan”.

Appears in 1 additional episode.
Also appears in “Evolution of the Daleks”.
Ship's Bridge

Two of the crew members vent the fuel from the ship in episode 3x07 “42”.


Martha, Jack, and the Doctor are taken into the tunnels around the rocket base in episode 3x11 “Utopia”.

Valiant Mechanical Areas

Martha, Jack, and the Doctor arrive aboard the Valiant in episode 3x12 “The Sound of Drums”. Jack is held down in the mechanical section in episode 3x13 “Last of the Time Lords”.

Professor Docherty's Factory

Martha and Thomas Milligan travel to Docherty's base and capture one of the Toclafane balls in episode 3x13 “Last of the Time Lords”.