“The Family of Blood” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 3, Episode 9
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Doctor Who episode "The Family of Blood" was filmed in Cardiff & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Cathedral Green as WWI Memorial

Martha and the Doctor arrive much later to see an elderly Tim getting remembered for his service in the war.


Llandaff Cathedral as Smith Wedding

The Doctor imagines a future wedding with Joan.


St. Fagan's National History Museum as Cartwrights' Cottage

Martha, Joan, and the Doctor flee from the school and hide in a cottage.


Tredegar House as With Child

While the Doctor is picture a future with Joan, he imagines them with a child in their room.


Cwm Ifor Farm as TARDIS in Field

Rose says goodbye to Tim and then she and the Doctor leave in the TARDIS.


Neal Soil Suppliers as WWI Trenches

Tim fights in the trenches during the first World War.


Cwm Ifor Farm as Scarecrow in Field

The Doctor leaves Brother of Mine in the same field dressed as a scarecrow.


Llandaff Cathedral as Dormitory

Tim opens the fob watch here to draw off the aliens.