“Blink” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 3, Episode 10
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Doctor Who episode "Blink" was filmed in Cardiff & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Fields House as Wester Drumlins House

Sally is exploring this house when she stumbles upon a message from the Doctor.


Diverse Music as Bantas DVD Store

Sally delivers a message from Kathy to her brother Larry.


The Coal Exchange as Police Station Basement

Billy Shipton shows Sally the collection of cars stored beneath the police station.


The Secret Garden Cafe as Cappuccino!

Sally sits in the coffee shop and reads the letter from Kathy.


Chartist Tower as Billy Arrives in Past

After being touched by an angel, Billy winds up in an alley in the past and is given a mission by the Doctor.


West Bute Street as Sally Phones Larry

Sally calls Larry and tells him what she realized about the list of DVDs.


St. Woolos Cemetery as Kathy's Grave

Sally visits the grave of her friend who was transported back in time.


Cwm Ifor Farm as Hull Field

Kathy is transported back in time and leans she is in Hull in 1920.


Old Natwest Bank as Police Station

Sally visits the police station to report the disappearance of Kathy.


The District Miners' Hospital as Billy's Hospital Room

Sally goes to the hospital to find an old Billy with a message from the Doctor.


Llanfair Road as Kathy's House

Sally comes to talk to Kathy about what she saw at Wester Drumlins and has an "encounter" with Larry.