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Saint Fagans, Cardiff CF5 6XB, UK
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Oakdale Workmen's Institute from Doctor Who
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Heol Trelai & Heol Pennar from Doctor Who
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Doctor Who

The Village

Martha and others see the spaceship crash from outside the pub, the Doctor saves a baby, and Martha saves everyone at the ball in episode 3x08 "Human Nature". From episode 3x09 "The Family of Blood".

TARDIS in Barn

Martha visits the TARDIS to review the Doctor's video message in episode 3x08 "Human Nature".

Cartwrights' Cottage

Martha, Joan, and the Doctor flee from the school and hide in a cottage in episode 3x09 "The Family of Blood".

The Swan with Two Necks

The Doctor and Ashildr talk about Sam Swift and immortality after saving the world in episode 9x06 "The Woman Who Lived".

Ashildr's Plague Home

Ashildr mourns the death of her children during the Plague in episode 9x06 "The Woman Who Lived".