Movies Filmed at The Coal Exchange

23 Mt Stuart Square, Cardiff CF10, UK
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Mount Stuart Square (east) from Doctor Who
38 m

Mount Stuart Square (west) from Doctor Who
39 m

Baltic House from Doctor Who
41 m

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Doctor Who

White House (women's toilet)

Amy goes to the bathroom only to be confronted by the Silence in episode 6x01 “The Impossible Astronaut”.

Kazran's Childhood Bedroom

The Doctor visits Kazran in the past and encounters a shark in his bedroom in episode 6x00 “A Christmas Carol”.

Dr. Simeon's Lab

Dr. Simeon collects snow samples for sphere of snow in 2012 Christmas special “The Snowmen”.

Police Station Basement

Billy Shipton shows Sally the collection of cars stored beneath the police station in episode 3x10 “Blink”.

Titanic Lounge

The voyagers on the spacecraft share dinner before the ship is hit in 2007 Christmas special “Voyage of the Damned”.

The Vault

The Doctor takes Bill into the vault where they talk with Missy about defeating the monks in episode 10x08 “The Lie of the Land”.


Bill struggles against the mind control while walking down the street in episode 10x08 “The Lie of the Land”.