“Partners in Crime” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 4, Episode 1
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Doctor Who episode "Partners in Crime" was filmed in Cardiff & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Lady Mary Allotments as Wilfred's Allotment

Donna visits Wilf on his allotment while he is looking at the stars.


11 Nant-fawr Road as The Noble's House

Donna talks with her family.


Stallcourt Avenue as Search for Adipose

Both Donna and the Doctor search separately for the Adipose but neither realizes the other is there.


Helmont House as Adipose Industries (exterior)

The Doctor rides down the outside of the Adipose tower to spy on the inside.


Wesley Lane & Charles Street as Adipose on Street

People watch the Adipose flood the street and get picked up by the spacecraft.


Alley off Havelock Street as Parking in Alley

Donna parks her car and the Doctor parks the TARDIS.


Newport Road & Broadway as Van Driving

The Adipose van drives to pick up the creatures.


Dominion House as Miss Foster's Office

Miss Foster interrogates a reporter while Donna and the Doctor communicate silently through different windows.


Churchill Way as Street outside Adipose Industries

Donna and the Doctor walk to the building and later the creatures congregate on the street.


1 Glyn Rhymni as Roger's House

The Doctor talks to Roger Davey about his experience with Adipose.


Grangemoor Park as Path to Wilfred's Lookout

Donna walks up to Wilfred lookout.


Imperial House as Adipose Industries (offices)

Both Donna and the Doctor talk to various Adipose workers to get evidence.


Tiger Tiger as Adipose (bathroom)

Donna hides in the bathroom where the reporter is also hiding.


23 Waterloo Gardens as Stacey's House

Donna talks to Stacey Harris about her experience with Adipose.


Odeon Cinema as Adipose Industries (presentation)

Miss Foster gives a company press conference on their product which the Doctor and Donna observe.


Millennium Stadium as Adipose Industries (basement)

The Doctor sneaks into the building through the basement, and later he and Donna stop the device from a maintenance room.


The Fat Cat Cafe Bar as Discussing Adipose

Donna's mother meets with some friends at the bar when all the Adipose people are activated.


Heol Y Gors & Franklen Road as Police Line

Donna walks over to the police line and tells a blonde woman a message for her mother.