“Planet of the Ood” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 4, Episode 3
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Doctor Who episode "Planet of the Ood" was filmed in Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate as Warehouse 15

The factory manager tries to destroy the giant Ood brain.


Trefil Quarry as Ood-Sphere

The TARDIS lands on a snow covered planet and find a Ood factory while exploring.


Lafarge Aberthaw Works as Ood Factory (industrial area)

Guards hunt down anomalous Ood around the factory.


MOD St Athan as Ood Factory (containers)

Donna and the Doctor are chased by guards through the Ood storage area.


Next Generation Data as Ood Factory (entrance)

Donna and the Doctor join up with a tour of the factory.