Movies Filmed at MOD St Athan

Royal Air Force - Saint Athan, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan CF62, UK
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Gileston Farm from Doctor Who
1.5 km

Gileston Farm from Doctor Who
1.5 km

Limpert Bay Beach from Doctor Who
2.2 km

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Doctor Who

Area 51 Hanger

The Doctor is held in an impenetrable prison by Canton Delaware. Filmed in one of the four round hangers near the perimeter of the base. in episode 6x02 "Day of the Moon".

Demons Run

The main hall of Demons Run where the Doctor appears for the first time in episode 6x07 "A Good Man Goes to War".

Crashing Airplane

Clara and the Doctor exit the TARDIS into a crashing airplane and the Doctor saves it. Filmed in a 737 housed on the airbase. in episode 7x06 "The Bells of Saint John".

Deserted Chamber

Porridge tells Clara about the war with the Cybermen in episode 7x12 "Nightmare in Silver".

Cyber Factory Roof

Rose and the Doctor run to the airship as the factory is exploding beneath them in episode 2x06 "The Age of Steel".

Torchwood Warehouse

The TARDIS is taken into the Torchwood warehouse and Rose manages to sneak out in episode 2x12 "Army of Ghosts". From episode 2x13 "Doomsday".


The group watches the Master meeting with the President of the USA and then traveling to the UNIT helicarrier in episode 3x12 "The Sound of Drums".

Ood Factory (containers)

Donna and the Doctor are chased by guards through the Ood storage area in episode 4x03 "Planet of the Ood".


The Doctor leaves the his airplane and Kate heads off to New Mexico in episode 9x07 "The Zygon Invasion". Bill gets on a United Nations airplane in episode 10x07 "The Pyramid at the End of the World".



From episode 1x10 "Out of Time".