Movies Filmed at Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate

Eastway, Pontypool, Torfaen NP4, UK
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Usk Valley Business Park from Doctor Who
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Former AvestaPolarit Panteg Steelworks from Doctor Who
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Doctor Who

Florida Warehouse

The Doctor tracks down the young girl's phone call to this warehouse in episode 6x01 "The Impossible Astronaut". The group investigates the Silence technology in episode 6x02 "Day of the Moon".

Royal Leadworth Hospital (roof)

The Doctor tells the Atraxi who he is and kindly suggests they never return to face his wrath. Filmed inside the Dupont Factory. in episode 5x01 "The Eleventh Hour".

Starship UK

The Doctor and Amy land on and investigate a mystery in this spaceship. Filmed inside the Dupont Factory. in episode 5x02 "The Beast Below".

Cryo Chamber

The Doctor and young Kazran visit the cryo chamber and see Abigail for the first time in episode 6x00 "A Christmas Carol".

Research Base

Ood storage area and bridge over the pit in episode 2x08 "The Impossible Planet". From episode 2x09 "The Satan Pit".

Titanic Below Decks

The Doctor's group works their way down the ship in 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned".

Warehouse 15

The factory manager tries to destroy the giant Ood brain in episode 4x03 "Planet of the Ood".

Tunnels to "Source"

Donna, Jenny, and the Doctor are stopped by a laser wall which Jenny negotiates gymnastically in episode 4x06 "The Doctor's Daughter".