“The Vampires of Venice” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 5, Episode 6
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Doctor Who episode "The Vampires of Venice" was filmed in Split in Croatia and United Kingdom.
Show Map

Šubićeva Ulica as Venice Street

Amy and Rory talk while walking down the street when they are overheard by Francesco.


Castell Coch as House of Calvierri (round courtyard)

The Doctor and Rory emerge from the tunnels in the middle of this courtyard and are surrounded by vampire ladies.


Llancaiach Fawr Manor as Guido's House

Amy, Rory, the Doctor, and Guido talk about how to rescue Isabella and bring down the House of Calvierri.


Bowls Inn as Rory's Stag

Rory pops out of cake instead of a stripper during Rory's stag party.


Pantana as House of Calvierri (pier)

Rosanna takes Isabella here to feed her to the male aliens as a punishment.


Caerphilly Castle as House of Calvierri (waterway & tunnels)

The Doctor and Rory row up to the mansion and make their way through the tunnels.


St. Lawrence Cathedral (Trogir) as House of Calvierri (bell tower)

The Doctor has to climb this clock tower to stop Venice from sinking.


St. Donat's Castle as House of Calvierri (throne room)

Guido takes his daughter Isabella to study at the House of Calvierri school.


Cathedral Square (Trogir) as House of Calvierri (out front)

Guido attempts to find his daughter amongst the students of the school.


Petars Place (Trogir) as Venice Doorway

Rory is taking a photo of Amy when they hear a scream in the distance.


South Quay (Trogir) as Venice Waterfront

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive in Venice and are confronted by a customs agent.


Town Hall (Trogir) as House of Calvierri (square courtyard)

The steward gives Rosanna a drink and then they are joined by Francesco.


Romeo Square (Trogir) as Small Venice Square

The Doctor talks to Guido about his daughter and later Amy and Rory fight Francesco.