Movies Filmed at Castell Coch

Castell Coch, Castle Road, UK
Nearby Locations
Forest Fawr Country Park from Doctor Who and 1 other movie.
838 m

Cemex Quarry from Doctor Who
1.0 km

Taff's Well Quarry
1.1 km

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Doctor Who

UNIT Trigger Station

Martha travels to the secret UNIT station beneath a castle in Germany in episode 4x13 "Journey's End".

House of Calvierri (round courtyard)

The Doctor and Rory emerge from the tunnels in the middle of this courtyard and are surrounded by vampire ladies in episode 5x06 "The Vampires of Venice".

Natty Longshoe's Castle

Clara leads the punishment platoon to a defensible position in the castle in episode 7x12 "Nightmare in Silver".

The Worst Witch

Cackles Academy (exterior)

Source: IMDb

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Temple Prison (exterior)

Source: IMDb

Treasure Hunt

From episode 3x03 "South Glamorgan".

Source: IMDb

The Dave Cash Radio Show

From episode 1x13 "Episode #1.13".

Source: IMDb