“Day of the Moon” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 6, Episode 2
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Doctor Who episode "Day of the Moon" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom and United States of America.
Show Map

Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate as Florida Warehouse

The group investigates the Silence technology.


Le Monde as Bar

Customers watch the moon landing in the bar.


Valley of the Gods as Desert Bluff

Amy is chased through the desert only to be trapped against this cliff and shot by Canton Delaware.


Apartments on Bute Street as Construction Site

River jumps from a New York skyscraper after being chased by Canton Delaware's men.


MOD St Athan as Area 51 Hanger

The Doctor is held in an impenetrable prison by Canton Delaware. Filmed in one of the four round hangers near the perimeter of the base.


Troy House as Graystark Hall Orphanage

Amy and Canton go and search the orphanage where they believe the child in the spacesuit was taken from.


Crockherbtown Lane as New York Alley

The young girl from the spacesuit talks to a homeless man in this alley and then regenerates.

Glen Canyon Dam as Glen Canyon Dam

Rory gets surrounded by Canton Delaware's men on the top of a dam and is shot.