“Family of Rogues” Filming Locations

The team must work to save one of their old enemies while Jay Garrick tries to stabilize the wormhole.

Series: The Flash Season 2, Episode 3
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The Flash episode "Family of Rogues" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

1133 Melville Street as Empty Building

Iris calls Barry for help while she is being shot at in an empty building.

Alley (south of Bute, west of Pender) as Street by Building

Barry runs into the alley and rescues Iris who is falling from the building.

1111 West Georgia Street as Central City Records Archive

Barry tracks Leonard Snart and his father down to the archives where they are stealing building blueprints.

Source: YVRShoots


Astoria Hotel as O'Shaughnessy's

Barry meets Snart in a bar.

Empty Lot off West Waterfront Road as Body Dump

The police investigate the headless body of Lewis Snart's technical guy.

1111 West Georgia Street as Vault Building

Barry talks his way past security with Lewis and Leonard Snart during their heist.

Source: YVRShoots

Bute Street (between Pender & Melville) as Saying Goodbye to Lisa Snart

Cisco says goodbye to Lisa Snart after saving her life.