Movies Filmed at Empty Lot off West Waterfront Road

W Waterfront Rd, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
West Waterfront Road (between Howe & Mai… from The Flash and 4 other movies.
46 m

Vancouver Harbour Heliport from The Flash and 3 other movies.
117 m

Parking Lot (off West Waterfront Road) from iZombie and 1 other movie.
162 m

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The Flash

Body Dump

The police investigate the headless body of Lewis Snart's technical guy in episode 2x03 "Family of Rogues".

Fighting Savitar

Jesse tracks Savitar to an empty lot and manages to wound him in the ensuing battle in episode 3x16 "Into the Speed Force".

Legends of Tomorrow

Gardner Pier [2016/2020]

The gang all meets in an empty lot and are greeted by Rip Hunter with his time ship in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1". The heroes gather to face off against the Anti-Monitor and his shadow army to give the nerd crew time to create their shrinking device in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".