“Who Is Harrison Wells?” Filming Locations

Our team investigates a shapeshifter framing others for his crimes while Joe and Cisco go to Starling City to investigate Dr. Wells.

Series: The Flash Season 1, Episode 19
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The Flash episode "Who Is Harrison Wells?" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Hallelujah Point (Stanley Park) as Coast City Sign

Barry runs past the sign for Coast City on his way to get pizza.

Auberge Vancouver as Jewelry Store (exterior)

Eddie waits for Hannibal Bates outside the store where he is trying to sell the stolen jewelry.

Hornby Plaza as Hannibal Escapes Barry

Hannibal Bates disguises himself as someone else and escapes into the crowd.


6749 Macdonald Street as Harrison Wells's House

Caitlin heads to his house to talk to him but is pulled away by Barry.

Pipeline Road Bridge (Stanley Park) as Barry Talks to Caitlin

Barry talks to Caitlin after taking her away from Harrison Wells's house.


704 Princess Avenue as Grandma Bates's House

Barry and Eddie go to question Hannibal Bates's grandmother only to end up chasing Bates himself.

Victory Square as Bates Escapes

Bates escapes Iris and Caitlin by transforming himself into a little girl.

Vancouver Convention Centre as Central City Airport

Barry intercepts Hannibal Bates as he tries to escape via the airport.