Movies Filmed at Pipeline Road Bridge

Part of Stanley Park
Pipeline Rd & Ravine Trail, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2, Canada
Nearby Locations
Ravine Trail from John Doe
122 m

Pipeline Road (north segment) from Once Upon a Time and 1 other movie.
208 m

Pipeline Road (south segment) from Legion
330 m

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The Flash

Barry Talks to Caitlin

Barry talks to Caitlin after taking her away from Harrison Wells's house in episode 1x19 "Who Is Harrison Wells?".


Central Park Bridge

The Fringe team tracks Moreau's radioactive signature to this bridge in episode #322 "The Day We Died".


Forest Bridge

Casey turns at the last moment at Athena's instruction.


Forest Bridge

Bridge where Amanda sees her ghostly brother in episode 1x08 "Ghosts in the Machine".

John Doe

Palmer Park (Bridge)

Skeletal remains are found under this bridge in episode 1x15 "Psychic Connection".


Beech Canyon Bridge

Backstrom investigates an apparent suicide off a bridge on a university campus in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".