Movies Filmed at Victory Square

Victory Square, 200 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8, Canada

Victory Square, which was originally the grounds for the old provincial courthouse, isn’t named after any particular victory, but as a general commemoration for the Canadian armed forces. The square features a 9 meter tall Cenotaph remembering the armed forces which was constructed in 1924.

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West Hastings Street & Cambie Street from 50/50
55 m

Vancouver Film School from iZombie and 3 other movies.
58 m

Nuba from Fringe
69 m

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The Flash

Bates Escapes

Bates escapes Iris and Caitlin by transforming himself into a little girl in episode #119 "Who Is Harrison Wells?".


Barry walks across the street into a park and sees himself confronting Savitar who is holding Iris hostage in episode #309 "The Present". Barry and Cisco vibe into the future to review the events Barry witnessed in episode #310 "Borrowing Problems from the Future".



Sam & Dean chase the shapeshifter from the sewers through this park in episode #106 "Skin".


Park near Precinct

Clive is sharing a meal with Agent Bozzio when Major and Liv approach them in episode #206 "Max Wager". Major parkours through the park to get to his dog in time in episode #211 "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter".


Public Restrooms

Underground public restrooms where the Fringe team follows Walter's tracer only to discover it has been removed in episode #210 "Grey Matters".

Boston Park

Olivia and Broyles talk in this park at the end of episode #210 "Grey Matters".

From episode #203 "Fracture".

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

London Park [2166]

Vandal Savage walks through a bombed out London and kills Rip Hunter's wife and son in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Source: YVRShoots


Telegraph Hill Square

Rebecca and Emerson track Ernest Cobb to two buildings around Victory Square and this is where he is targeting his victims in episode #102 "Ernest Cobb".

Pine Street Park

First set of bombs set by the bomber in episode #106 "Paxton Petty".

John Doe

Seattle Plaza

Location where the Trenchcoat & the PI meet in episode #107 "Mind Games" and where they investigate the PI's death in #108 "Idaho".

The Romeo Section


From episode #106 "Mandate of Heaven".

Source: IMDb

The Life

Source: IMDb


From episode #108 "Reborn".

Source: IMDb