“Pilot” Filming Locations

Series: Arrow Pilot
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Arrow pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver & Victoria in Canada.
Show Map

Whytecliff Park as Lian Yu Beach

Oliver is rescued by a pair of fishermen from a remote island.

West Cordova Street & Burrard Street as News Footage

Oliver appears in the arm of some woman in file footage on a news program.

Hatley Castle as Queen Family Mansion

Alexander Street & Gore Avenue as Glades Street Corner

Oliver drives through the Glades and sees just how bad things have become.

Terminal City Iron Works as Queen Industrial Inc. & Verdant Nightclub

Oliver uses an abandoned factory belonging to his company as a hideout.

130 Carrall Street as City Necessary Resources Initiative (CNRI)

Laurel works at a law firm in the Glades.

Terminal City Iron Works as Kidnapper's Warehouse

Oliver and Tommy are kidnapped and interrogated by masked thugs in an abandoned warehouse.

Columbia Street (between Powell & Cordova) as Starling City Street

Oliver dives from a moving car to escape Dig.

Vancouver Convention Centre as Oliver's Welcome Home Party

Tommy hosts a party for Oliver's homecoming and Oliver uses it as a alibi when he goes after Adam Hunt.


Alley (south of Cordova, west of Carrall) as Alley near CNRI

Tommy and Laurel talk about their relationship now that Oliver has returned.