Movies Filmed at Terminal City Iron Works

1909 Franklin St, Vancouver, BC V5L 4C5, Canada

This former manufacturing plant was used for many years as a popular filming location because of its gritty appearance. The location was complete with streets, alleys, warehouses, and rooftop paths. Demolished for new development in the summer of 2015.

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106 m

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Yin's Movie Set

Industrial area where Mr. Yin leads the team and captures Juliet in episode #416 "Mr. Yin Presents".

Yin's Warehouse

Warehouse where Mr. Yin draws Mary and later the team in episode #416 "Mr. Yin Presents". (I'm fairly certain this is here)

Woody's Trailer

Woody answer's Shawn call in his trailer which is parked in a sketchy industrial area and not the beach in episode #709 "Juliet Wears the Pantsuit".

The Flash

Rusty Iron Ale

Barry and Eddie track down their suspect to a brewery and end up chasing him in episode #106 "The Flash Is Born".


Barry searches for Tony Woodward in a warehouse and ends up getting attacked and knocked out in episode #106 "The Flash Is Born".


Queen Industrial Inc. & Verdant Nightclub

Abandoned factory that Oliver uses as his hideout and eventually builds his nightclub inside. First seen in episode #101, the pilot. Oliver and Maseo come here to stop China White in episode #314 "The Return".

Kidnapper's Warehouse

Oliver and Tommy are kidnapped and interrogated by masked thugs in an abandoned warehouse in episode #101, the pilot.

Triad Meeting

Helena attacks a Triad meeting in a dark alley in episode #108 "Vendetta".

Abandoned Subway

Oliver enters an abandoned subway station and gets on the train The Savior is performing his broadcasts from in episode #118 "Salvation".

Deathbolt Warehouse

Ray Palmer goes to investigate Jake Simmons at a warehouse in episode #319 "Broken Arrow".

Hong Kong Street

Oliver attempts to escape and is chased down by Maseo Yamashiro in episode #301 "The Calm".

Count Vertigo's Warehouse

Oliver goes to Count Vertigo's warehouse and attempt to take him down in episode #301 "The Calm".


Oliver and Lance chase a criminal through some tunnels in episode #301 "The Calm".

Chase through Warehouse

Oliver chases the truck driver through a warehouse and catches him in episode #301 "The Calm".

Card Game in Warehouse

Helena attacks a group of mobsters playing cards in a warehouse in episode #108 "Vendetta".


Oliver, Roy, and Diggle go to warehouse only to find the criminals they were searching for were already taken out by another vigilante in episode #306 "Guilty".


In a flashback, Oliver saves Carrie Cutter's life, and later he confronts her in episode #307 "Draw Back Your Bow".


Shape-shifter Warehouse

Warehouse where the shape-shifters shows up at the start of episode #219 "The Man from the Other Side".

Hudson Foundry

Olivia chases Milo and ultimately defeats him in episode #303 "The Plateau".

Edgewater Steel Ltd.

Warehouse where Lincoln Lee and Robert Danzig are chasing a shapeshifter at the start of episode #401 "Neither Here Nor There".

Bridge Facility

Location of The Machine after it has been moved starting in episode #321 "The Last Sam Weiss".

Copenhagen & 146th Street

The Fringe team over there tracks the shapeshifter down to this area in episode #417 "Everything in Its Right Place".



Warehouse where Callister Raynes gets a bunch of science stuff in episode #108 "Right as Raynes" (really need to rewatch the episode).

Stargate SG-1

N.I.D. Laboratory

SG-1 investigates a mass murder at a secret N.I.D. facility in Los Angeles in episode #719 "Resurrection".


Blind Al's Apartment (interior)

Wade shares an apartment with an old blind lady.

Source: YVRShoots

Ajax's Lab

Ajax tortures Wade to activate his mutant genes.

Stargate Atlantis

Destroyed Planet

Terminal City Iron Works can be seen as the destroyed city in S3E4 episode Sateda where Ronan is hunted by the Wraith.

Dark Angel


Lydecker calls Logan from his car in this street in episode #203 "Proof of Purchase".


New Cap City

A street in New Cap City that Tamara Adama walks though in episode #105 "There Is Another Sky".

Stargate Universe

Deserted City

This is the deserted planet that the crew of the Destiny stay on while Destiny flies into a hot star in S2E19 episode Blockade.


Band's Warehouse

Backstrom's team questions a band collective about a murdered band member in episode #109 "The Inescapable Truth".


Warehouse Rooftop

Warehouse where Rebecca's partner falls to his death in the pilot.

John Doe

Little Saigon

John and Frank travel here to investigate Vietnamese funeral parlors in episode #102 "Blood Lines".

Seattle Street

John chases a suspect to this street in episode #107 "Mind Games" who then escapes mysteriously.

402 Collins Ave.

Police break open the door to this warehouse which then explodes in episode #111 "John D.O.A.".


Warehouse where the suspect keeps his hostages in episode #113 "Family Man".

Seedy Street

Street where all the murders of episode #119 "Shock to the System" takes place and where John is shocked again to reactivate his powers.


Fight Club

The Devil shows Sam a fight club where a whole group of souls are in episode #201 "A New Hope".