“Canaries” Filming Locations

Secrets are revealed and Count Vertigo escapes and is recaptured.

Series: Arrow Season 3, Episode 13
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Arrow episode "Canaries" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Main Street Dock as Starling City Container Port

Laurel goes to confront Count Vertigo on the docks.

Victoria Block as Rooftop Chase

Oliver and Roy chase a criminal over a rooftop and down a fire escape where the criminal is stopped by Laurel.

401 West Georgia as Starling City Courthouse

Count Vertigo is being transported from the courthouse when his guard is injected with vertigo and begins shooting at press.

Whytecliff Park as Lian Yu Beach

Oliver returns to the island again to Thea to train her.

West Waterfront Road (between Howe & Main) as Welcome to Starling City Sign

Oliver and Maseo are driving into Starling City in Amanda Waller's limo.