Movies Filmed at Main Street Dock

Main Street Dock, Vancouver, BC V6A 0B1, Canada
Nearby Locations
East Waterfront Road & Main Street Dock from Continuum
119 m

Beneath Main Street Overpass from Arrow and 2 other movies.
175 m

Railtown Studios from You Me Her
177 m

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Drug Sale on Docks

Oliver interrupts a Vertigo sale going down on the docks in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

Meeting Lyla

Diggle meets with Lyla to give her information on Deadshot in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

Starling City Container Port

Laurel goes to confront Count Vertigo on the docks in episode 3x13 "Canaries".

Life Unexpected


Lux walks along the water looking at her map in pilot episode.

The Exorcist


Marcus gets off a boat in a new city in episode 2x10 "Unworthy".