“The Candidate” Filming Locations

One of Oliver and Thea’s old family friends decides to run for mayor but is attacked during her campaign announcement.

Series: Arrow Season 4, Episode 2
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Arrow episode "The Candidate" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

1010 Derwent Way as Water Plant

The team stops a group of Ghosts who are trying to bomb the city's water supply.

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver as Campaign Announcement

Oliver and Thea attend Jessica Danforth's campaign announcement which is attacked by Lonnie Machin.

Vancouver Film Studios as Starling Metro Police

Diggle and Laurel sit in front of the police station guarding Jessica Danforth.


1010 Derwent Way as Abandoned Building

Oliver and Thea question a group of squatters about Lonnie Machin and Thea breaks one of their arms.

Beresford Street (between Daisy & Buller) as Murdered Police

The police escorting Madison Danforth are killed by Lonnie Machin.

Beresford Street (between Daisy & Buller) as Attacked Ambulance

The police find the ambulance crew murdered by Lonnie Machin.