“Beyond Redemption” Filming Locations

The team must hunt down a group of corrupt cops while Oliver prepares for his run for mayor and Laurel deals with her resurrected sister.

Series: Arrow Season 4, Episode 4
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Arrow episode "Beyond Redemption" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Buller Studio as Drug Dealer Lair

The group of corrupt cops attacks some drug dealers and ends up killing another police officer.


Rogers Sugar Mill as Police Hideout

The team heads into the building from the GPS and locate the hideout of the corrupt police officers.

Buller Studio as Opus2

Thea and Diggle head to a nightclub to buy drugs from one of Thea's old dealers.


Rogers Sugar Mill as Drug Ambush

The team sets up an ambush for the corrupt cops.

Cornett Road (between Bentall & Natal) as Regrouping after Ambush

The group of corrupt cops regroups after the ambush by Team Arrow and Liza Warner exerts her authority.

Bentall Street (between Cornett & end) as End of the Road

Lance meets with Damien Darhk.