“The Magician's Apprentice” Filming Locations

Clara has to team up with Missy to track down the Doctor who has received a summons from an old enemy.

Series: Doctor Who Season 9, Episode 1
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Doctor Who episode "The Magician's Apprentice" was filmed in London & Cardiff in United Kingdom and Tenerife in Spain.
Show Map

Cardiff City Hall as The Shadow Proclamation

Source: glogbolg — Tumblr


Taff's Well Quarry as Karn

The Doctor talks to Ohila about Davros.


Tonyrefail School as Clara's School

Clara is teaching her class when all the planes stop flying.


Howard Gardens (between Newport & Howard Terrace) as Driving to UNIT HQ

Clara rides her motorcycle from her school to UNIT HQ.

Tower of London as Tower of London (aka UNIT HQ)

Clara rides to UNIT.


Caerphilly Castle as Unit HQ (interior)

Clara meets joins Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and the UNIT team in investigating the trapped airplanes.


Plaza de la Libertad as Missy in Plaza

Clara meets Missy in a Spanish plaza and they search for the Doctor.


Sandy Field (Parque Nacional del Teide) as Skaro

Missy and Clara leave the 'space station' and find themselves standing on the surface of Skaro.