Movies Filmed at Cemex Quarry

Pentyrch, Cardiff CF15 9PN, UK
Nearby Locations
Taff's Well Quarry
114 m

Castell Coch from Doctor Who and 12 other movies.
1.0 km

Forest Fawr Country Park from Doctor Who and 1 other movie.
1.8 km

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Doctor Who


The TARDIS lands on a strange world in episode 6x04 "The Doctor's Wife".

Cavern under Vesuvius

Donna and the Doctor try to stop the creatures under the mountain in episode 4x02 "The Fires of Pompeii".

Mars Surface

The Doctor arrives on Mars and it captured and brought into the Mars base in season 4 special "The Waters of Mars".


The Doctor travels to the Ood planet and talks to Ood Sigma in 2009 Christmas special "The End of Time: Part One".


From season 9 special "Prologue". The Doctor talks to Ohila about Davros in episode 9x01 "The Magician's Apprentice".

Far End of the Universe

Bill, the Doctor, and Nardole head to the far end of the universe to escape pursuit only to find the puddle there waiting for them in episode 10x01 "The Pilot".