“The Zygon Inversion” Filming Locations

The Doctor and Osgood investigate the Zygon plan while Clara fights her doppelgänger from inside her own mind.

Series: Doctor Who Season 9, Episode 8
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Doctor Who episode "The Zygon Inversion" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Lydstep Flats as Clara's Flat

Clara tries to thwart Zygon!Clara while trapped inside her own mind.


Old Knap Swimming Pool as Seaside

Zygon!Clara fires a missile at the Doctor's plane.


Maelfa Shopping Centre as Fleet Estate

Zygon!Clara transforms another Zygon and films it, and later Osgood and the Doctor arrive to investigate.


Watch House Bay as Crash Site

Osgood wakes up on the beach after escaping the exploding plane and finds the Doctor nearby.


Old Knap Swimming Pool as Getting Clara's Text

The Doctor gets a strange text from Clara's phone and Osgood convinces him that Clara is still alive.


Custom House as UNIT Safe House (interior)

Zygon!Clara gets the Osgoods' laptop from a safe and then talks to the Doctor on the phone.


Lakeside (between Crosshill and end) as Stealing Van

The Doctor are surrounded by Zygon controlled police officers and steal a van.


Western Avenue (between Mill & bridge) as Driving

The Doctor and Osgood drive to the estate where the text was sent from.


Barry Shooting Range as Zygon Tunnel

Zygon!Clara returns down into the tunnels.


Canal Park as Brockwell Park

Clara and the Doctor return to the TARDIS and say goodbye to Osgood.