“The Zygon Invasion” Filming Locations

Clara and the Doctor must work with UNIT to stop the Zygon’s from taking over the world.

Series: Doctor Who Season 9, Episode 7
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Doctor Who episode "The Zygon Invasion" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Custom House as UNIT Safe House (interior)

Kate runs the UNIT operation with the Zygon.


Canal Park as Brockwell Park

The Doctor attempts to talk with the two Zygon commanders posing as little girls.


FIBUA Village (Sennybridge Training Area) as Turmezistan Village

The Doctor heads to the Zygon occupied village with UNIT to rescue Osgood.


Lydstep Flats as Clara's Flat

Clara arrives at her apartment and investigates the strange behavior of her neighbors.


Allensbank Primary School as Drakeman Junior School

Clara, the Doctor, and UNIT head to a school that housed the Zygon command center.


MOD St Athan as Airfield

The Doctor leaves the his airplane and Kate heads off to New Mexico.


Barry Shooting Range as Zygon Tunnel

Clara finds her way down into the Zygon tunnels beneath her flat.


Old Knap Swimming Pool as Seaside

Zygon!Clara talks to the Doctor on the phone and then pulls out a missile launcher.