“Enemy of My Enemies” Filming Locations

Our hero hunts down a terrorist and is outmaneuvered by his father.

Series: Backstrom Season 1, Episode 7
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Backstrom episode "Enemy of My Enemies" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Capilano Reserve Park as Oxbow Indian Reservation

Backstrom and Moto arrive at the reservation to find Sabine Weiss but are stopped by local police.

Thunderbird Parkade (UBC) as Police Station Parking Garage

Amy intercepts Backstrom in the parking garage of the police station to discuss the complain from the Oxbow police.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (UBC) as Klamath Electronics

Backstrom and Gravely question an employee about the bomb detonator.

Pitt Meadows Waterdrome (Pitt Meadows Regional Airport) as Oxbow Seaplane Dock

Three different groups of police converge on the seaplane dock where Sabine Weiss is attempting to flee.