Backstrom Filming Locations

Backstrom was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Campus Administrator's Office

Backstrom and Graveley meet with the campus administration about the murder in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

Portland Governors Club

Valentine goes undercover delivering the forged wine to the Governors Club in episode 1x12 "Corkscrewed".

Marine Building

Portland Police Bureau

Backstrom lights up a cigar and walks into the rain in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Committee Room

Backstrom meets with the civilian oversight committee and has a panic attack during his testimony in episode 1x04 "I Am a Bird Now".


Backstrom confronts Cassandra Lastrange after she talks to Charles Turner in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer". Gravely and ADA Kines convince a judge to give them a warrant on the steps to the courthouse in episode 1x10 "Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It". Backstrom and Amy have a fight on the steps in episode 1x12 "Corkscrewed".

Vancouver Central Library

Campus Library

Backstrom interviews the victim's ex-girlfriend, Alyson Cox, and finds the laptop she had stolen in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

Dr. Fleck's Office

Backstrom goes to the psychologist while investigating the murder of a sexual therapist in episode 1x10 "Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It".

Law Office (exterior)

Almond and Moto visit the law office where the flowers were sent to the victim from in episode 1x10 "Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It".

Vancouver Block

Clock Tower

Backstrom takes Cassandra Lastrange to the roof to get a confession out of her in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

Pipeline Road Bridge (Stanley Park)

Beech Canyon Bridge

Backstrom investigates an apparent suicide off a bridge on a university campus in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

30 Foot Pool (Lynn Canyon Park)

Beech Lake

Backstrom and Graveley observe while Niedermayer searches for the gun at the bottom of the lake in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".


Dock on Front Street

Backstrom's House

Barge where Backstrom lives with Valentine throughout the series starting in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".


Coffee Shop

Backstrom and Almond talk to a barista who dropped out of school and filed a complaint about the victim in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

Alley (south of Cordova, west of Cambie)

Alley behind Coffee Shop

Backstorm & Almond's interrogation continues behind the coffee shop in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

East Hastings Street & Main Street

Outside the Morgue

Backstrom talks about the case with Nicole after seeing the body in the morgue in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

East Pender Street (between Main & Gore)

Food Cart

Backstrom and his team discuss the case while eating food cart food in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".

Outside Psychic's Shop

Moto and Backstrom walk to the crime scene in episode 1x06 "Ancient, Chinese, Secret".


Regent Hotel

Visser's Bar

The police storm Visser's bar to arrest the drug dealer in episode 1x01 "Dragon Slayer".


Burnaby Fire Hall 3

Portland Fire & Rescue Station #41

Backstrom goes to the first station to harass the D'Agostino brothers in episode 1x02 "Bella".


National Avenue (between Thornton & Chess)

Tri Met Stop

Backstrom is thrown out of an ambulance by two angry EMTs in episode 1x02 "Bella".

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)

Edification Center

Backstrom and his team investigate the murder of a cult member in episode 1x03 "Takes One to Know One".

Lucy Harms's Stage

Backstrom and his team interrogate the former girlfriend of the victim who is living for several days in front of an audience in episode 1x11 "I Like to Watch".

Rose Garden (UBC)

Meeting in Garden

Backstrom and Gravely meet with the wife of the cult leader to talk about the $10,000 payment in episode 1x03 "Takes One to Know One".

La Terrazza


Backstrom and his team crash the victim's wake to check out the suspects in episode 1x04 "I Am a Bird Now".

Carrall Street Church

Joy of Everlasting Light Church

Moto picks up Almond from the church he is preaching at in episode 1x04 "I Am a Bird Now". From episode 1x05 "Bogeyman".

Harbourview Park

Under Bridge

Valentine poses as the Bogeyman to get information from Amber in episode 1x05 "Bogeyman".

Gallery Gachet

Tattoo Parlor

The team captures the kidnapper Wesley Lewis at his tattoo parlor in episode 1x05 "Bogeyman".


Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

Ms. Ma's Shop

Backstrom and Almond question another psychic who about the murder in episode 1x06 "Ancient, Chinese, Secret".

Alley (south of Cordova, west of Gore)

Van in Alley

Moto and Niedermayer question a replica dealer who operates out of a van in an alley in episode 1x06 "Ancient, Chinese, Secret".


Tinhone Fashions

Psychic's Shop

Backstrom's team investigates the murder of a psychic in episode 1x06 "Ancient, Chinese, Secret".


Jack Chow Insurance Parking Lot

Flyer on Car

Backstrom and Almond return to their car after visiting Ms. Ma to find a kid putting a flier on their windshield in episode 1x06 "Ancient, Chinese, Secret".

Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (UBC)

Klamath Electronics

Backstrom and Gravely question an employee about the bomb detonator in episode 1x07 "Enemy of My Enemies".


Capilano Reserve Park

Oxbow Indian Reservation

Backstrom and Moto arrive at the reservation to find Sabine Weiss but are stopped by local police in episode 1x07 "Enemy of My Enemies".

Thunderbird Parkade (UBC)

Police Station Parking Garage

Amy intercepts Backstrom in the parking garage of the police station to discuss the complain from the Oxbow police in episode 1x07 "Enemy of My Enemies".

Pitt Meadows Waterdrome (Pitt Meadows Regional Airport)

Oxbow Seaplane Dock

Three different groups of police converge on the seaplane dock where Sabine Weiss is attempting to flee in episode 1x07 "Enemy of My Enemies".


1533 Graveley Street

Meredith Vender's House

Backstrom and Almond question a group of the victim's friends at their weekly mahjong game in episode 1x08 "Give 'Til It Hurts".


Furry Creek Golf & Country Club

Golf Course

Backstrom and Gravely intercept Dr. Kobrine at the golf course to question him about the murder in episode 1x09 "Inescapable Truth".

Terminal City Iron Works

Band's Warehouse

Backstrom's team questions a band collective about a murdered band member in episode 1x09 "Inescapable Truth".


Watts Point Quarry

Black Rock Quarry

Backstrom, Niedermayer, and Moto search a quarry near the rehab center and locate the victim's body in episode 1x09 "Inescapable Truth".

Barber & Co.

Barber & Co.

Almond and Gravely question a former band member who now works as a barber about the victim in episode 1x09 "Inescapable Truth".

Pavilion Rose Garden (Stanley Park)

Wildwood Rose Garden

Backstrom and his team investigate the body of a woman found in a rose garden in episode 1x10 "Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It".

Waterfall Building

Julien Gaynor's Studio

Almond and Niedermayer question an artist who sold a painting to the victim in episode 1x11 "I Like to Watch".

Coopers' Park

Gravely finds Moss Brady

Gravely searches for the victim's friend Moss Brady and finds him passed out on a playground in episode 1x11 "I Like to Watch".

Venue Nightclub

Lucy Harms's Stage (exterior)

Moto and a bunch of bystanders watch Backstrom interrogate Lucy Harms on camera for her performance art piece in episode 1x11 "I Like to Watch".


The Imperial

Stage Crime Scene

The team investigates a murder in a theater during a performance arts event in episode 1x11 "I Like to Watch".


Cates Park

Wine Pickup Dock

Valentine attempts to meet with the tugboat driver to pick up the forged wine in episode 1x12 "Corkscrewed".

False Creek Yacht Club

River Police Dock

Backstrom and Almond question a corrupt river police officer about the smuggling in episode 1x12 "Corkscrewed".


Burrard Inlet

Boat Chase

The police chase down the smuggling tugboat in episode 1x12 "Corkscrewed".

Sasamat Lake (Belcarra Regional Park)

Backstrom's Mom's Ashes

Backstrom goes with Valentine and Lou to where his mother's ashes were spread in episode 1x13 "Rock Bottom".

North Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Cooch County Hospital (exterior)

Backstrom confronts his father outside the hospital and Valentine reveals that he is Backstrom's half-brother in episode 1x13 "Rock Bottom".

Moncton Street (between First & Second)

Cooch County Sheriff's Department

Gravely and Almond stake out the sheriff's department and see Norwest's lawyer leaving after being savagely beaten by Blue Backstrom in episode 1x13 "Rock Bottom".

Marine Garage

Cooch County Service Station

Backstrom, Valentine, and Lou stop at a gas station on their way to pick up Edgar Norwest in episode 1x13 "Rock Bottom".


Parking Lot (under Georgia Viaduct)

Murder under Bridge

Backstrom comes to a crime scene to find Captain Rocha with the body in episode 1x13 "Rock Bottom".