“Spellingg Bee” Filming Locations

Shawn and Gus are called in to investigate some mysterious happenings at a spelling bee that turn out to be sinister.

Psych episode “Spellingg Bee” was filmed in Richmond, Surrey, & White Rock in Canada.

Gateway Theatre as Cabrillo Theatre

Shawn and Gus are called in to investigate what appears to be a minor case at the spelling bee which evolves into something much larger.

2756 O'Hara Lane as Henry Spencer's House

Shawn asks his father for a favor running a sample through the lab, but Henry makes him jump through a series of hoops to make up for his past irresponsibility before handing over the results.

Source: Psych Forums

Minoru Park as Pond [1989]

Shawn tries to convince his father to let him have a dog and Henry demands he build a doghouse before he can get the dog.

Beecher Place as Restaurant

Gus is talking to one of his clients on the phone when he sees something on the spelling bee broadcast on TV which gives him a clue on the case.