“Pilot” Filming Locations

In order to get out of a jam with the police Shawn Spencer pretends to be a psychic detective and enlists his friend Gus in investigating the disappearance of a wealthy young man.

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Psych pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

The Templeton as Diner [1986]

Shawn and his father are out at a diner when Henry makes his son go through a memory exercise before he can get some pie.


Visions Electronics as Visions

Shawn is watching a news report on an electronics store robbery when he determines that the shop's owner is the thief.

HI Vancouver Jericho Beach as Santa Barbara Police Department (exterior)

Shawn goes to the police station to talk to them about the crime he reported only to find himself under suspicion.

Source: Psych Forums

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Santa Barbara Police Department (interior)

Shawn is interrogated by Lassiter and Lucinda Barry and later talks to the chief upstairs.

Marine Drive (between Martin & Johnston) as Waterfront Road

Shawn tells Gus about the case while they drive to the McCallum mansion.

Casa Mia as McCallum Residence

Shawn and Gus show up to investigate the disappearance of the McCallum heir.

Source: Psych Forums

Casa Mia as Gus's Apartment

Gus wakes up after hearing a strange noise in his apartment and finds Shawn making coffee in his kitchen.

Source: IMDb

Parking Lot (near White Rock Pier) as Parking Lot

Shawn and Gus park the Blueberry and head across the street to deliver information to Lassiter and Detective Barry.

Source: Psych Forums

Primo's Mexican Grill as Sam and Jose's

Lassiter and his partner Detective Barry are heading to lunch when they are intercepted by Shawn and Gus who have a theory about the case which Lassiter dismisses.

Fir Street (between Royal & Columbia) as Driving

Shawn rides his motorcycle up the hill to his father's house.

15356 Columbia Avenue as Henry Spencer's House

Shawn heads to his dad's house and finds Henry heading out to lunch.


Central City on Beatty as Dix Brewery

Shawn goes out to a bar with his father to ask for advice on the case and ends up getting grilled on his abilities.


5005 North Fraser Way as McCallum Textiles

Gus and Shawn stake out the McCallum offices where they see Katarina McCallum leaving with a suspicious duffle bag.

Granville Street (between Drake & Davie) as Following Katarina

Gus gives Shawn a hard time for liking Katerina as they follow her through the city.

Alley (south of Howe, west of Davie) as Alley behind Carol's Thrift Store

Shawn sees Katerina meeting with a suspicious figure in an alley and he steals the suspicious duffle from them only to find it filled with clothes for the thrift store.

Wildlife Thrift Store as Carol's Thrift Store

Gus heads inside the thrift store to try convince the owner to let him have the bag while Shawn sneaks in the back to steal it.

Sunflower Organics as Ransom Drop

Camden McCallum drops the ransom in some trash bins.


Beecher Street (between Sullivan & Bayview) as Driving Past Orso

Camden McCallum Sr. is driving home after the ransom drop when he recognizes the distinctive car of his son's best friend driving the other way.

15115 Marine Drive as Psych Office (interior)

Shawn takes Gus inside their new offices where Gus has some strong opinions on Shawn's choice of name.

White Rock Musuem & Archives as Psych Office

Shawn shows Gus the space he rented for their new office.

Beecher Place as Beecher Place Clinic

Shaw finds Gus at a clinic on his sales route to discuss the case. Only appears in the extended international version of the pilot.