Movies Filmed at RBC Financial Group

685 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1M8, Canada
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Granville Street (between Pender & Hasti… from Fairly Legal
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Trees Organic Coffee from Imposters
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Sinclair Centre from The Flash and 2 other movies.
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Santa Barbara Financial Bank

Bank where Shawn & Gus talk to Gillian & Clive in episode 5x04 "Chivalry Is Not Dead… But Someone Is".

Source: Psych Forums



Walter retrieves the Massive Dynamic stock certificates from his safety deposit box in episode 3x02 "The Box".


Heritage Bay National Bank

Second bank that Cal Sweeney robs at which the police standoff occurs in episode 1x04 "Cal Sweeney".

John Doe


Bank that Paulette Chambers visits in episode 1x18 "Save as... John Doe".