Fringe Filming Locations

Follows the story of the FBI's Fringe Division out of Boston, MA. Pilot episode shot in Toronto, first season shot in New York, second season onward shot in Vancouver, BC.

Fringe was filmed in Vancouver, Toronto, Mississauga, & Brampton in Canada and New York & Yonkers in the United States of America.

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot

Entrance to Franklin St. Station

Entrance to the Franklin Street subway station where the people break into the amber in episode 3x05 “Amber 31422”.

Hoboken Street

Street where Milo causes the first accident in episode 3x03 “The Plateau”.

Columbus Circle

In the future, the Fringe team locates where Olivia was trapped and then cut out of the amber in episode 5x01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”.

Alley behind Markham's Apartment

Peter loads the amber containing Olivia into their van and barely escapes the police force in episode 5x01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”.

Fringe Team Apartment

Walter exits the apartment where the Fringe team is staying, and listens to a CD he found in a burned out car in episode 5x01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”.

Riverdale Mutual

Olivia attempts to stop a bank robbery in episode #305 "Amber 31422".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Berkshire County Hospital

Peter is brought to the hospital after being injured by The Machine in episode 3x20 “6:02 AM EST”.

Deerfield Mental Hospital

Mental hospital where the Fringe team goes to talk to Sean Keenan about the voices he is hearing in episode 4x13 “A Better Human Being”.

Latchmere General Hospital

Hospital where the team goes to investigate the dustifications in episode 2x06 “Earthling”.

Napean Building

Peter, Olivia, and Etta travel enter an Observer facility to rescue Walter in episode 5x01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”.

Hennington Mental Health Institute

Mental institution where the patient has brain surgery at the start of episode #210 "Grey Matters".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Maryann Douglas Wing, Fine Art Museum

Olivia goes undercover to stop the attack on the art show in episode 3x12 “Concentrate and Ask Again”.

New York Building Stairs

Walternate receives a phone call about Olivia's escape in episode 3x08 “Entrada”.

U.S. Capitol Building

Peter meets in a congressional meeting room, and then Fauxlivia, Walter, and Peter talk on the steps of the capitol building in episode 3x01 “Olivia”.

Alternate Harvard Building Hallway

Soldiers run through the hallway on their way to capture Olivia on the other side episode #308 "Entrada".

Federal Central Metro Station, Washington D.C.

The outside of the metro station where the team stop Diane Burgess from exploding in episode #203 "Fracture".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)


Appears in “The Firefly”.

Old Folk's Home

Appears in “A Better Human Being”.

Washington General Hospital

The Fringe team goes to interview Greg Leiter about his breakdown at his office in episode #205 "Dream Logic".

New York General Hospital

Hospital where Olivia is taken after she comes back from the other side in episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town".

Plainfield Memorial Hospital

Olivia is held in an abandoned hospital by David Jones in episode #414 "The End of All Things".

Victory Square

Boston Park

Olivia and Broyles talk in this park in episode 2x10 “Grey Matters”.

Appears in “Fracture”.

Public Restrooms

Underground public restrooms where the Fringe team follows Walter's tracer only to discover it has been removed in episode #210 "Grey Matters".

The Ironworks

Alistair Peck's Apartment

FBI raids this apartment and finds all of Alistair Peck's math stuff in episode 2x18 “White Tulip”.

Dana Gray's Apartment

The Fringe team searches Dana Gray's apartment for clues on her location in episode #317 "Stowaway".

Pacific Central Station

Mount Vernon Station

Train station where Grant Russo gets off a train in episode 3x09 “Marionette”.

Train Station

Dana Gray gets on a train in episode #317 "Stowaway".

Penn Station / Springsteen Station

Fauxlivia tries to pass back over to Over There in episode #308 "Entrada".

Boston Train Station

Station where the shapeshifter sends a message to Over There at the end of #405 "Novation".

Masstrack Station

Station where the train full of dead folks is found and the start of episode #218 "White Tulip".

Terminal City Iron Works

Copenhagen & 146th Street

The Fringe team over there tracks the shapeshifter down to this area in episode 4x17 “Everything in Its Right Place”.

Shape-shifter Warehouse

Warehouse where the shape-shifters shows up at the start of episode #219 "The Man from the Other Side".

Bridge Facility

Location of The Machine after it has been moved starting in episode #321 "The Last Sam Weiss".

Hudson Foundry

Olivia chases Milo and ultimately defeats him in episode #303 "The Plateau".

Edgewater Steel Ltd.

Warehouse where Lincoln Lee and Robert Danzig are chasing a shapeshifter at the start of episode #401 "Neither Here Nor There".


Entrance to Kent Street Station

Entrance to the station where the second set of deaths by the box occur in episode 3x02 “The Box”.


Roland Barrett's House

The Fringe team tracks Roland Barrett to this house where he is conducting his experiments in episode 3x09 “Marionette”.

The Templeton

Late Night Diner

Olivia sees Lincoln sitting in alone in a diner late at night and she joins him. Later, Lincoln waits in the same diner for Olivia while she is being drugged at her apartment in episode 4x07 “Wallflower”.

Source: Vanessa

Emery Barnes Park

Martin Luther King Eldridge Cleaver Memorial Park

Olivia stops here and observes all the differences between this side and the other side in episode 3x01 “Olivia”.

Bentall 5 (Bentall Centre)

Hallucinogenic World Trade Center Lobby

Walter and Peter enter the World Trade Center in an attempt to locate Olivia in episode 3x19 “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”.

Massive Dynamic Lobby

The Fringe team works to lock down the Massive Dynamic building to protect the dead shapeshifter in episode #304 "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?".



Clothing store Olivia makes Henry Higgins purchase clothes for her at in episode 3x01 “Olivia”.

Paramount Place

New York City Street

Olivia and Walter arrive in New York and Walter attempts to handle being outside the lab for the first time in many years in episode 4x04 “Subject 9”.

Spur 4 Bridge (LSCR)

Noyo County Bridge

Bridge under which the dead girl is found in episode #221 "Northwest Passage". (I'm only about 60% certain this is the correct bridge)

Vancouver Central Library

Parked Car

Fake Charlie takes some of his shapeshifter drugs in his car here in episode #204 "Momentum Deferred". On the Hamilton Street side of the library.

Alternate Fringe Division

Location of the Fringe Division on the Other Side.

Burnaby Central Park


Anson Carr searches for another couple to experiment on around a lake in the park in episode #415 "A Short Story About Love". Filmed outside the south entrance of building F.

Bench by Lake

Park where Broyles and Senator Van Horn talk in episode #206 "Earthling". Also where Broyles and Olivia talk at the end of #208 "August".

Hilltop Cafe

Hilltop Cafe

Cafe that Peter has dinner at and where the waitress disappears from at the start of episode #221 "Northwest Passage".

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver

228½ Morrow Street

Peter investigates the address left in his eye by September in episode #415 "A Short Story About Love". Fake doors were added on the Seymour Street side of the building.


Where the Fringe team arrives at the Other Side in episode #222 "Over There: Part 1" and where Olivia attempts to return to her side in episode #301 "Olivia". This is also where Moreau attacks the philharmonic in the future in episode #322 "The Day We Died". Peter and Lincoln cross to Over There through the theatre in episode #408 "Back to Where You've Never Been".

Mid-Valley Viewpoint (LSCR)

Noyo County Wilderness

Peter and Sheriff Mathis investigate another body in a gravel pit in episode #221 "Northwest Passage". (fairly sure this is the right place)

Robson Square

Boston Plaza

The observers talk about September's transgressions at the start of episode #414 "The End of All Things".

Guinness Tower

New York Street

The car crash at the start of episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town" was shot on the Cordova side of the building.

Rice Lake (LSCR)

Reiden Lake

Lake where Walter crossed to Over There in episode #216 "Peter", where Peter tries to submerge himself in episode #315 "Subject 13", and where Peter reappears in episode #404 "Subject 9".

Park Theatre

Park Theater

August and December are greeted by September after coming out of a screening of Back to the Future in episode #216 "Peter".

CEWE Quarry

Mohonk Quarry

The Fringe team tracks David Jones to this quarry in both universes in episode #409 "Enemy of My Enemy".

Seymour Parkade

Parking Garage

The Fringe team finds another victim on the roof of this parking garage in episode #313 "Immortality".

Sylvia Hotel

Other Side Street

The team stops in front of an ivy-covered hotel to discuss their plans in episode #222 "Over There: Part 1".

Hornby Plaza

Midtown Manhatan Plaza

Square where the Fringe team follows and loses David Jones after releasing him in episode #409 "Enemy of My Enemy".

The Irish Heather


Bar where Peter and Broyles talk in episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town". Alternate Broyles is seen drinking here in episode #308 "Entrada".

Caffè Brixton

Marquard's Cafe

Walter and Olivia are eating at this cafe when the electrical phenomenon destroys it in episode #404 "Subject 9".

Dann's Electronics

Dann's Bicycles

Store the survivors escape to in order to avoid the disappearing town in episode #412 "Welcome to Westfield".

Electronics Store

September buys parts for his Peter-banishing machine in episode #401 "Neither Here Nor There".

Old Bridge

Charles River Bridge

Bridge where the shape-shifters are trying to build the door between dimensions in episode #219 "The Man from the Other Side".


Drescher Market

Store where Walter and Peter are attempting to shop at the start of episode #211 "Unearthed". Actually shot across the street in the Vancouver Film Studio parking lot.

Blood & Iron

Padaria de Divina

The Fringe team begins their search for Fauxlivia in front of this pastry shop in episode #308 "Entrada".

Blenz Coffee

Massive Dynamic Cafeteria

Fauxlivia and Peter talk in the Massive Dynamic cafeteria in episode #304 "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?".

Seabus Facility

Alternate New York Dock

The Fringe team Over There searches for Olivia after she swam from Liberty Island in episode #301 "Olivia".

Alternate Liberty Island Dock

When escaping from the Liberty Island facility Olivia jumps from the shore in episode #301 "Olivia".