Fringe Filming Locations

Follows the story of the FBI's Fringe Division out of Boston, MA. Pilot episode shot in Toronto, first season shot in New York, second season onward shot in Vancouver, BC.

Fringe was filmed in Vancouver, Toronto, Mississauga, & Brampton in Canada and New York & Yonkers in United States of America.

Knox College (U of T)

Harvard Building (lobby)

Olivia talks to Broyles in the lobby outside Walter's lab in pilot episode.

152 Annette Street

Walter's Lab

Walter has the team open up his old lab at Harvard for their work in pilot episode.

Source: Torontoist

Royal Ontario Museum

Massive Dynamic (interior)

Olivia goes to Massive Dynamic to talk with Nina Sharp in pilot episode.

University College (U of T)

Harvard Building (exterior)

Olivia and Walter talk outside the Walter's lab in pilot episode.


7 World Trade Center

Massive Dynamic

Exterior of the Massive Dynamic building first seen in episode #101 and used through the series.

Beare Road (between Passmore & Plug Hat)

Billboard under Power Lines

Olivia, Peter, and Walter drive past a Massive Dynamic billboard after leaving St. Claire's in pilot episode.

7 Glen Road

Richard Steig's Apartment (exterior)

Olivia goes with the SWAT team to search Richard Steig's apartment and Peter sees him escaping out the back in pilot episode.

Front Street West & York Street

Turning Corner

John Scott drives around a corner while being chased by Olivia in pilot episode.

Infield Terminal (YYZ)

Logan Airport

Olivia investigates an airplane that landed with no one left alive in pilot episode.

14 Glen Road

Between Buildings

Peter chases Richard Steig between two houses across from his apartment building in pilot episode.


Former Brampton Hospital


Olivia wakes up in a hospital after the explosion at the storage facility and finds John Scott in bad shape in pilot episode.

Source: IMDb

Lake Shore Boulevard East (between Freeland & Cooper)

Car Crash

Olivia causes John Scott's car to crash at the end of their car chase in pilot episode.


Chambers Street & Broadway

Ambulance Driving

An ambulance carries John Scott from the hospital to Walter's lab in pilot episode.

Campbell Lofts

Chase into Building

Richard Steig is being chased by Olivia and is forced to run into an apartment building after he is cut off by a cop in pilot episode.

Glen Road (between Bloor & Howard)

Chase down Street

Olivia follows Peter who is chasing Richard Steig down the street in pilot episode.

Lake Shore Boulevard East (between Jarvis & Sherbourne)

Under Highway

Olivia chases John Scott down the road in pilot episode.

Bloor Street West & Queens Park

Massive Dynamic (exterior reverse)

Olivia exits a cab and looks up at the Massive Dynamic building in pilot episode.

Source: Torontoist


Olivia cries in the back of an ambulance after John Scott is killed in pilot episode.

Source: Torontoist

York Street (between Station & Bremner)


Olivia chases John Scott through a tunnel in pilot episode.


Williamsburg Bridge

Stoughton Bridge

The Fringe team observes a bridge outside the warehouse window in one of the victim's eyes in episode 1x02 "The Same Old Story".

Hotel Vancouver

Walter & Peter's Hotel (exterior)

Olivia visits the hotel where Walter & Peter are staying in episode 1x02 "The Same Old Story".



Massive Dynamic (interior)

Olivia meets with Nina in her office at Massive Dynamic in episode 1x02 "The Same Old Story".


Dry Dock 4 (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Stoughton Shipyard

Olivia chases Christopher after leaving the warehouse only to find aged greatly and dying in episode 1x02 "The Same Old Story".


Building 20 (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Stoughton Warehouse

The Fringe team tracks their suspect to this warehouse where he is conducting his experiments in episode 1x02 "The Same Old Story".


Juliana Curran Terian Design Center (Pratt Institute)

Boston College

Olivia and Peter go to talk to Dr. Claus Penrose about his old experiments with Walter in episode 1x02 "The Same Old Story".


Kent Avenue (between 9th & 11th)

Driving to Hospital

Olivia, Peter, and Walter drive to the hospital in episode 1x02 "The Same Old Story".


Yonkers Station

South Station

Olivia heads to the train station to catch Grant Davidson and ends up chasing Matthew Ziegler to recover the briefcase in episode 1x03 "The Ghost Network".


Main Street (between Van Der Donck & Buena Vista)

Railroad Underpass

Olivia and Charlie corner Matthew Ziegler only to have him commit suicide by stepping in front of a bus in episode 1x03 "The Ghost Network".


East 40th Street & 1st Avenue

Boarding Bus

Matthew Ziegler boards a city bus in episode 1x03 "The Ghost Network".


1st Avenue Tunnel

Bus in Tunnel

A man releases a gas on a bus that solidifies into amber which the Fringe team then investigates in episode 1x03 "The Ghost Network".


Building 269 (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

S.E. Kramer Manufacturing

The FBI stores the cylinder that caused the explosion in a warehouse in episode 1x04 "The Arrival".


1050 44th Drive

East River Coffee Shop

The Observer enters a coffee shop and orders some spicy food in episode 1x04 "The Arrival".


Empty Lot off Berry Street

Construction Site

The Observer watches a construction site from a diner when there is an explosion in episode 1x04 "The Arrival".


Hope & Anchor

Holly's Diner

From episode 1x06 "The Cure".

Source: Geoff Arthur


Fort Totten Park

From episode 1x15 "Inner Child".

Source: IMDb


North Shore Bowl

Sam Weiss's Bowling Alley

Olivia goes to talk to Sam Weiss about her experience in episode 2x02 "Night of Desirable Objects". From episode 2x03 "Fracture". From episode 2x05 "Dream Logic".

Victory Square

Public Restrooms

Underground public restrooms where the Fringe team follows Walter's tracer only to discover it has been removed in episode #210 "Grey Matters".

Boston Park

Olivia and Broyles talk in this park in episode 2x10 "Grey Matters".

From episode 2x03 "Fracture".

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU)

Philadelphia Train Station

The Fringe team investigates a bombing of a train station in which no explosives were found in episode 2x03 "Fracture".

Command Center

Broyles briefs the FBI task force about the potential human bombs in episode 2x03 "Fracture".

Bentall 3 (Bentall Centre)

Massive Dynamic

Olivia and Charlie talk outside Massive Dynamic in episode 2x04 "Momentum Deferred".

University Hill Secondary School

Nayak Sleep Clinic

Offices of the sleep clinic in Seattle in episode 2x05 "Dream Logic".


887 Great Northern Way

Vitas Petrol

The Fringe team is called to an outbreak in an office building in episode 2x13 "What Lies Below".

MacLeod's Books

Markham's Used Books

Peter and Olivia go to the book store to try and find the book with the formula in episode 2x14 "The Bishop Revival". From episode 3x06 "6955 kHz". From episode 4x16 "Nothing as It Seems".

The Electra Building

Gemini's Apartment

The Fringe team arrives to see Gemini flying out the window in episode 3x06 "6955 kHz".

Ministry of Science

Etta meets with Nina in the lobby of the Ministry to talk about Walter in episode 4x19 "Letters of Transit".

Massive Dynamic Lobby

Elizabeth Bishop talks to Nina about the dimensional bridge device that Walter is building in episode 2x16 "Peter".

North Vancouver Cemetery

From episode 2x16 "Peter".


From episode 3x17 "Stowaway".

East Cordova Street & Columbia Street

Stop Light

Miranda Greene dies in her car while waiting at a red light in episode 2x17 "Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Federal Central Metro Station, Washington D.C.

The outside of the metro station where the team stop Diane Burgess from exploding in episode #203 "Fracture".

U.S. Capitol Building

Peter meets in a congressional meeting room, and then Fauxlivia, Walter, and Peter talk on the steps of the capitol building in episode 3x01 "Olivia".

New York Building Stairs

Walternate receives a phone call about Olivia's escape in episode 3x08 "Entrada".

Maryann Douglas Wing, Fine Art Museum

Olivia goes undercover to stop the attack on the art show in episode 3x12 "Concentrate and Ask Again".

Alternate Harvard Building Hallway

Soldiers run through the hallway on their way to capture Olivia on the other side episode #308 "Entrada".

Under Granville Street Bridge

Alternate New York Street

Olivia first gets in Henry Higgins' taxi in episode 3x01 "Olivia". Olivia once again ride sin Henry Higgins' cab in episode 3x07 "The Abducted". The Fringe team picks up Henry Higgins in episode 3x18 "Bloodline".

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

E 85th & York

Bus accident that Milo causes the accident at when the Fringe team is on site in episode 3x03 "The Plateau".


Skeena Street Tunnel

Crash in Tunnel

Peter and Fauxlivia chase the shapeshifter down a tunnel and cause his car to crash in episode 3x04 "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

New York General Hospital

Hospital where Olivia is taken after she comes back from the other side in episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town".

Washington General Hospital

The Fringe team goes to interview Greg Leiter about his breakdown at his office in episode #205 "Dream Logic".

Plainfield Memorial Hospital

Olivia is held in an abandoned hospital by David Jones in episode #414 "The End of All Things".

Old Folk's Home

From episode 4x13 "A Better Human Being".


From episode 3x10 "The Firefly".

Play & Learn

Toy Store

Elizabeth Bishop takes Peter to this toy store in episode 3x15 "Subject 13".

Blenheim Court

Fauxlivia's Apartment Building

Building where Fauxlivia lives Over There in episode 3x18 "Bloodline".

Holly Lodge

The Sherburn

Olivia and Walter talk to Cameron James about the electrical phenomenon in episode 4x04 "Subject 9".

106 Avenue & 125a Street

Appearing Train

A group of kids are driving down the street when a train appears in front of them in episode 4x06 "And Those We Left Behind".

The Templeton

Late Night Diner

Olivia sees Lincoln sitting in alone in a diner late at night and she joins him. Later, Lincoln waits in the same diner for Olivia while she is being drugged at her apartment in episode 4x07 "Wallflower".

Source: Vanessa

Burrard Dry Dock Pier

Alternate Department of Defense Pier

Peter and Lincoln attempt to catch a ferry to Alternate Liberty Island in episode 4x08 "Back to Where You've Never Been". Where the team catches a ferry from Liberty Island to the mainland in episode 4x18 "The Consultant".


682 Beachview Drive

Elizabeth Bishop's House

Peter goes to Elizabeth Bishop's house to talk to her about Walternate in episode 4x08 "Back to Where You've Never Been".

Cornett Road & Natal Street

Side of Road

Boston police pull over what turns out to be a dry cleaning van in episode 4x10 "Forced Perspective".

North 40 Dog Park

Road to Westfield

From episode 4x12 "Welcome to Westfield".

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver


Where the Fringe team arrives at the Other Side in episode #222 "Over There: Part 1" and where Olivia attempts to return to her side in episode #301 "Olivia". This is also where Moreau attacks the philharmonic in the future in episode #322 "The Day We Died". Peter and Lincoln cross to Over There through the theatre in episode #408 "Back to Where You've Never Been".

228½ Morrow Street

Peter investigates the address left in his eye by September in episode #415 "A Short Story About Love". Fake doors were added on the Seymour Street side of the building.

Burnaby Central Park

Bench by Lake

Park where Broyles and Senator Van Horn talk in episode #206 "Earthling". Also where Broyles and Olivia talk at the end of #208 "August".


Anson Carr searches for another couple to experiment on around a lake in the park in episode #415 "A Short Story About Love". Filmed outside the south entrance of building F.

Vancouver Film Studios

Under Freeway

Peter, Olivia, and Broyles talk under the freeway in episode #209 "Snakehead".

Empire World Fragrance

Olivia and her team track down Anson Carr to this warehouse where he is conducting his experiments in episode 4x15 "A Short Story About Love".

Water Street & Alexander Street


Peter and Olivia share a kiss in the street in episode 4x15 "A Short Story About Love".

Terminal City Iron Works

Shape-shifter Warehouse

Warehouse where the shape-shifters shows up at the start of episode #219 "The Man from the Other Side".

Hudson Foundry

Olivia chases Milo and ultimately defeats him in episode #303 "The Plateau".

Edgewater Steel Ltd.

Warehouse where Lincoln Lee and Robert Danzig are chasing a shapeshifter at the start of episode #401 "Neither Here Nor There".

Bridge Facility

Location of The Machine after it has been moved starting in episode #321 "The Last Sam Weiss".

Copenhagen & 146th Street

The Fringe team over there tracks the shapeshifter down to this area in episode 4x17 "Everything in Its Right Place".

The Dominion Building

Rosencratz Building

Lobby & stairwell of the apartment building that the Fringe team investigates throughout episode #314 "6B".


A sniper fires on the Fringe team in an attempt to kill the shapeshifter from the top of this building in episode 4x17 "Everything in Its Right Place".

Alley (south of Homer, west of Hastings)

Alley Over There

Lincoln escorts the shapeshifter from the warehouse when the team is fired upon in episode 4x17 "Everything in Its Right Place".

East Parking Garage (Bentall Centre)

Belmont Parking Garage

Garage over there where a woman is attacked by a man and then saved by a shapeshifter in episode 4x17 "Everything in Its Right Place".


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

Fringe Department Courtyard

Etta and Simon talk about the discovery of Walter's body in episode #419 "Letters of Transit". Filmed in the CBC Breezeway.

From episode 4x18 "The Consultant".

Wallace Shipyards


Alt-Broyles sits in his car trying to decide what to do with the device David Robert Jones gave him in episode 4x18 "The Consultant".

Seaside Bicycle Route (under Burrard Bridge)

Under a Bridge

The Fringe team examines a taxi cab that crashed into the water after being attacked by David Robert Jones's agent in episode 4x18 "The Consultant".

Sydney Epicenter

Sally Clark sets off the Sydney earthquake from under this bridge in episode 4x20 "Worlds Apart".

BC Place Stadium

Manhattan Transit Station

Etta and Simon sneak Walter into Manhattan through this mass transit station in episode 4x19 "Letters of Transit".

Clane Center (exterior)

A group of people spontaneously combust in episode 4x21 "Brave New World: Part 1".

Canoe Bridge

Park near Ministry of Science

Etta takes Nina to see a newly de-ambered Walter in episode 4x19 "Letters of Transit".

Seaside Bicycle Route (under Cambie Street Bridge)

Under Future Bridge

Etta checks the back of the van to see Walter in amber in episode 4x19 "Letters of Transit".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Fake Hideout

Nick Lane leads the Fringe team to what he claims is David Robert Jones's secret hideout in episode 4x20 "Worlds Apart".


Widgeon Slough North Dock

Himalayan Field

From episode 4x20 "Worlds Apart".

West Hastings Street & Thurlow Street

Manhattan Epicenter

Nick Lane sets of the Manhattan earthquake at this intersection in episode 4x20 "Worlds Apart".

Roundhouse Community Centre

Salem Bay University

The Fringe team attempts to stop Nick Lane from setting off the second earthquake in Salem in episode 4x20 "Worlds Apart".

Vancouver Convention Centre

Allston Courthouse

Courthouse where the Fringe team must stop Albert Duncan from setting off the bomb in episode 4x10 "Forced Perspective".

Clane Center (interior)

The Fringe team investigates a bunch of people spontaneously combusting in episode 4x21 "Brave New World: Part 1".

Cathedral Square

Harvard Park

Olivia escorts Jessica Holt to a squad car and hands over her cell phone in episode 4x21 "Brave New World: Part 1".


Former 987 East Cordova Street


Peter attempts to shut down the transmitter and is attacked by David Robert Jones in episode 4x21 "Brave New World: Part 1".

EasyPark Lot 3

Parking Garage

Broyles witnesses the sunbeam appearing from the roof of a parking lot in episode 4x21 "Brave New World: Part 1".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Latchmere General Hospital

Hospital where the team goes to investigate the dustifications in episode 2x06 "Earthling".

Hennington Mental Health Institute

Mental institution where the patient has brain surgery at the start of episode #210 "Grey Matters".

Deerfield Mental Hospital

Mental hospital where the Fringe team goes to talk to Sean Keenan about the voices he is hearing in episode 4x13 "A Better Human Being".

Berkshire County Hospital

Peter is brought to the hospital after being injured by The Machine in episode 3x20 "6:02 AM EST".

Napean Building

Peter, Olivia, and Etta travel enter an Observer facility to rescue Walter in episode 5x01 "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11".

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot

Hoboken Street

Street where Milo causes the first accident in episode 3x03 "The Plateau".

Entrance to Franklin St. Station

Entrance to the Franklin Street subway station where the people break into the amber in episode 3x05 "Amber 31422".

Riverdale Mutual

Olivia attempts to stop a bank robbery in episode #305 "Amber 31422".

Columbus Circle

In the future, the Fringe team locates where Olivia was trapped and then cut out of the amber in episode 5x01 "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11".

Alley behind Markham's Apartment

Peter loads the amber containing Olivia into their van and barely escapes the police force in episode 5x01 "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11".

Fringe Team Apartment

Walter exits the apartment where the Fringe team is staying, and listens to a CD he found in a burned out car in episode 5x01 "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11".

Caretaker's Cottage (Murdo Frazer Park)

Simon Phillips's Cabin

The Fringe team locations Simon Phillips at this cabin in episode 3x12 "Concentrate and Ask Again".

Playland (PNE)


Where Olivia and her niece are riding a roller coaster at the end of episode #208 "August".

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Milton-Staller Wedding

Fancy building where the wedding takes place in episode 2x12 "Johari Window".

The Ironworks

Alistair Peck's Apartment

FBI raids this apartment and finds all of Alistair Peck's math stuff in episode 2x18 "White Tulip".

Dana Gray's Apartment

The Fringe team searches Dana Gray's apartment for clues on her location in episode #317 "Stowaway".

Arch Alley (south of Hastings, west of Abbott)

Alley where the shapeshifter takes another body in episode 3x11 "Reciprocity".

Ovaltine Cafe


Cafe where the observer receives the briefcase at the end of episode #203 "Fracture".

Vancouver Central Library

Parked Car

Fake Charlie takes some of his shapeshifter drugs in his car here in episode #204 "Momentum Deferred". On the Hamilton Street side of the library.

Alternate Fringe Division

Location of the Fringe Division on the Other Side.

Hilltop Cafe

Hilltop Cafe

Cafe that Peter has dinner at and where the waitress disappears from at the start of episode #221 "Northwest Passage".

Aja Tan Studios


The Fringe team investigates a bunch of bodies that have washed ashore in episode #209 "Snakehead".

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)


August watches and then kidnaps the girl at the start of episode #208 "August".

World Tolerance Initiative Conference

Conference the terrorist attempts to attack in episode #214 "The Bishop Revival".

Whitley Museum

Olivia and Sam Weiss travel to the museum to retrieve the artifact in episode 3x21 "The Last Sam Weiss".

Fort Langley Community Hall

Edina Town Hall

Sheriff Velchik talks to the townspeople in episode 2x12 "Johari Window".

Spur 4 Bridge (LSCR)

Noyo County Bridge

Bridge under which the dead girl is found in episode #221 "Northwest Passage". (I'm only about 60% certain this is the correct bridge)

Chemistry Building, D-Block (UBC)

Kresge Building, Harvard University

The building where Walter has his lab at Harvard (second season onward).

Harkness Law Library

Library where Walter and Astrid retrieve Walter's hidden files from in episode 2x12 "Johari Window".

Bloedel Conservatory (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Central Park Aviary

Alternate Broyles talks to his wife about the war between universes in episode 3x08 "Entrada". Also where Fauxlivia and her nanny are walking with her baby in episode 3x20 "6:02 AM EST".

Pacific Central Station

Masstrack Station

Station where the train full of dead folks is found and the start of episode #218 "White Tulip".

Penn Station / Springsteen Station

Fauxlivia tries to pass back over to Over There in episode #308 "Entrada".

Mount Vernon Station

Train station where Grant Russo gets off a train in episode 3x09 "Marionette".

Train Station

Dana Gray gets on a train in episode #317 "Stowaway".

Boston Train Station

Station where the shapeshifter sends a message to Over There at the end of #405 "Novation".

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT)

FBI Office

Broyles talks with Olivia in the lobby of the FBI in episode #206 "Earthling".


Airport that Broyles calls Olivia from in episode #206 "Earthling".

Mid-Valley Viewpoint (LSCR)

Noyo County Wilderness

Peter and Sheriff Mathis investigate another body in a gravel pit in episode #221 "Northwest Passage". (fairly sure this is the right place)

Carter Cotton Building

Rosencratz Building

Outside of the apartment building where the deaths occurred that the Fringe team investigates throughout episode #314 "6B".

Mavis Avenue & Glover Road

Edina Main Street

The Fringe team first turns the corner into town here in episode #212 "Johari Window".

Lampliter Gallery Cafe

Edina Cafe

After first arriving in Edina, the Fringe team talks with Sheriff Velchik in front of this cafe and then continue inside in episode 2x12 "Johari Window".

Iona Building (UBC)

Harvard University

Establishing shots of Harvard University.

Holy Rosary Cathedral


Dana Gray goes to pray in episode 3x17 "Stowaway".

Robson Square

Boston Plaza

The observers talk about September's transgressions at the start of episode #414 "The End of All Things".

Waterfront Station

Federal Center Metro Station

The inside of the metro station where the team stop Diane Burgess from exploding in episode 2x03 "Fracture".

Deltaport Way

Holyoke Highway

Location of the car crashes at the start of episode #321 "The Last Sam Weiss".

Hornby Plaza

Midtown Manhatan Plaza

Square where the Fringe team follows and loses David Jones after releasing him in episode #409 "Enemy of My Enemy".

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (UBC)

Boston Federal Building

Where Peter goes to talk to Broyles and then meets Amy Jessup again in episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town".

Massachusetts Port Authority

Man finds a dead body in the fountain here in episode 3x11 "Reciprocity".

Harvard University

Establishing shots of Harvard University.

Guinness Tower

New York Street

The car crash at the start of episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town" was shot on the Cordova side of the building.

Stanley Park Manor

Rodney Apartments

Apartment building where invisible man kills his first victim in episode #407 "Wallflower".

Hart House Lawn (Deer Lake Park)

Lakeside Bench

Bench that Emily Mallum frequently visits in episode 4x10 "Forced Perspective".


2646 Yukon Street

Walter & Peter's House

House where Walter & Peter live throughout the series.

Rice Lake (LSCR)

Reiden Lake

Lake where Walter crossed to Over There in episode #216 "Peter", where Peter tries to submerge himself in episode #315 "Subject 13", and where Peter reappears in episode #404 "Subject 9".

Buchanan Tower (UBC)

Massachusetts Metal Depository

The Fringe team investigates the theft of some metals here in episode 3x16 "Os".

Emery Barnes Park

Martin Luther King Eldridge Cleaver Memorial Park

Olivia stops here and observes all the differences between this side and the other side in episode 3x01 "Olivia".

Pipeline Road Bridge (Stanley Park)

Central Park Bridge

The Fringe team tracks Moreau's radioactive signature to this bridge in episode #322 "The Day We Died".

CEWE Quarry

Mohonk Quarry

The Fringe team tracks David Jones to this quarry in both universes in episode #409 "Enemy of My Enemy".

H.J. Cambie Secondary

Museum of Science

Vince breaks into this museum to steal some meteorites in episode 3x16 "Os".

Franklin Street & Victoria Drive

Power Pole

Where a shape-shifter plants a device in the power pole box in episode 2x19 "The Man from the Other Side".

The Learning Lodge (LSCR)

Noyo County Sheriff's Station

Station where Peter is interviewed by Sheriff Mathis in episode #221 "Northwest Passage".

The Wine Factory

Typeset Antiques

Antique store where agents from Over There communicate with the other side.


Park Theatre

Park Theater

August and December are greeted by September after coming out of a screening of Back to the Future in episode #216 "Peter".


Roland Barrett's House

The Fringe team tracks Roland Barrett to this house where he is conducting his experiments in episode 3x09 "Marionette".

176 Street (between 56a & 57)

Westfield Street

A power pole blocks the school bus the survivors are escaping in and they are forced to travel on foot in episode #412 "Welcome to Westfield".

Farm (off 53rd Street)

Flashback Farm

Farm in John McClennan's memory in episode #402 "One Night in October".

Dann's Electronics

Electronics Store

September buys parts for his Peter-banishing machine in episode #401 "Neither Here Nor There".

Dann's Bicycles

Store the survivors escape to in order to avoid the disappearing town in episode #412 "Welcome to Westfield".

3190 Travers Avenue

Alternate Bishops' House

House where Peter and his mother from the Other Side talk in episode #222 "Over There: Part 1".

Hastings Street & Howe Street


Where the police officer receives the phone call at the start of episode #203 "Fracture".


Keefer Place & Carrall Street

Car Crash

September causes a car crash here in episode 3x10 "The Firefly".

Pharmasave Pacific Regional Office

Westfield Sheriff's Department

The Fringe team goes to the Sheriff's Department to treat Cliff Hayes and come up with a plan in episode #412 "Welcome to Westfield".

West Hastings Street & Hornby Street

Hallucinogenic New York Street

When Walter and Peter arrive in Mind New York they see the signal from Olivia here in episode #319 "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide".

Future Street

Peter arrives in the future in the middle of a street battle in episode 3x21 "The Last Sam Weiss".

J.S.McMillan Fisheries

Shapeshifter Warehouse

Warehouse where the shapeshifter takes Malcolm Truss to complete his work in episode #405 "Novation".

Univar Distribution Centre

Chemical Lab Train Depot

Olivia and Lincoln meet some agents who have tracked the shapeshifter from a train station to this industrial area in episode 4x01 "Neither Here Nor There".

Hastings Racecourse (PNE)

Alternate Battery Park Bus Terminal

A shapeshifter is caught taking another form in episode 4x08 "Back to Where You've Never Been".

Brockton Point (Stanley Park)

Liberty Island

Olivia sneaks onto the Over There version of Liberty Island in episode 3x07 "The Abducted".


Drescher Market

Store where Walter and Peter are attempting to shop at the start of episode #211 "Unearthed". Actually shot across the street in the Vancouver Film Studio parking lot.

Keefer Rooms

Sketchy Apartment

Building where the slugs are extracted from the people in episode #209 "Snakehead".

The Irish Heather


Bar where Peter and Broyles talk in episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town". Alternate Broyles is seen drinking here in episode #308 "Entrada".

Slocan Family Restaurant


Restaurant where Walter and August meet in episode #208 "August".

Vancouver Harbour

Seattle Harbor

Seaplane pilot attempts to take off in episode 2x05 "Dream Logic".

D'oro Gelato & Caffè

Peggy's Malt Shop

September observes Walter and Peter here in episode 3x09 "Marionette".

Old Bridge

Charles River Bridge

Bridge where the shape-shifters are trying to build the door between dimensions in episode #219 "The Man from the Other Side".

Incendio Pizzeria


Restaurant where Neil meets with the woman at the start of episode #217 "Olivia, In the Lab, With the Revolver".

Sylvia Hotel

Other Side Street

The team stops in front of an ivy-covered hotel to discuss their plans in episode #222 "Over There: Part 1".


Budget Inn Patricia Hotel

Patricia Hotel

Milo plots his attack on Olivia from a room in this hotel in episode #303 "The Plateau".

142 West Hastings Street


Peter chases September to this rooftop before he is shot in episode 3x10 "The Firefly".


119 Main Street


Peter chases September into this building in episode 3x10 "The Firefly".

Parkwell Plaza Parkade

Queens Parking Garage

Parking garage where Tyler Carson confronts the police at the start of episode #207 "Of Human Action".

Parking Lot

The jumper falls onto a taxi here in episode #317 "Stowaway".


Entrance to Kent Street Station

Entrance to the station where the second set of deaths by the box occur in episode 3x02 "The Box".


Laguna Blu Restaurant (Bentall Centre)


Fauxlivia and Peter have a romantic dinner here in episode #304 "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?".


5376 Angus Drive

Brookline House

Olivia and Peter briefly question a woman at this house in episode 4x06 "And Those We Left Behind".

RBC Financial Group


Walter retrieves the Massive Dynamic stock certificates from his safety deposit box in episode 3x02 "The Box".

Kitsilano Beach Park


Olivia talks with Christopher Broyles on the beach here in episode 3x07 "The Abducted".

Annacis Island Substation

Groves Power Grid

Walter, Olivia, and Cameron James travel to a power substation to attempt to stop the electrical disturbances in episode 4x04 "Subject 9".

Hastings Street & Homer Street

Bus Stop

Emily Mallum gets off a bus in an attempt to give her drawing to Albert Duncan in episode #410 "Forced Perspective".

Pender & Seymour Parking Garage

Parking Garage

The Fringe team finds another victim on the roof of this parking garage in episode #313 "Immortality".


5425 Angus Drive

Raymond's House

House that Raymond creates a time bubble around in episode 4x06 "And Those We Left Behind".


Jackson Avenue & Railway Street

Car Crash

Alistair Peck gets into the car right before it is hit by a truck here in episode 2x18 "White Tulip".

Bentall 5 (Bentall Centre)

Massive Dynamic Lobby

The Fringe team works to lock down the Massive Dynamic building to protect the dead shapeshifter in episode #304 "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?".

Hallucinogenic World Trade Center Lobby

Walter and Peter enter the World Trade Center in an attempt to locate Olivia in episode 3x19 "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide".

Vancouver Rowing Club


Olivia gets into Henry Higgins's boat in an attempt to sneak onto liberty island in episode 3x07 "The Abducted".


5776 Wiltshire Street

Grant Russo's House

House of the first victim in episode 3x09 "Marionette".



Clothing store Olivia makes Henry Higgins purchase clothes for her at in episode 3x01 "Olivia".

Tribeca Lofts

Gemini's Apartment

Fauxlivia visits Gemini in his apartment in episode 3x06 "6955 kHz".


3900 Block, Crown Street

Crashed Car

Where Peter crashes the car at the end of episode #207 "Of Human Action".

Alley (south of Pender, west of Gore)

Chinatown Market

Market Astrid and Walter are shopping at when Walter gets lost in episode #209 "Snakehead".

Alley (south of Keefer, west of Gore)


Fauxlivia runs down an alley after escaping from the lab in episode 3x18 "Bloodline".

Gain Wah Restaurant

Gain Wah Restaurant

Fauxlivia attempts to get help from a woman cleaning this restaurant in episode 3x18 "Bloodline".


138 Churchill Avenue

John McClennan's House

The Over There version of John McClennan's house in episode 4x02 "One Night in October".

Empty Lot (near Victory Square)


A shapeshifter attempts to kill Lincoln and Peter in this empty lot in episode #408 "Back to Where You've Never Been".

Davie Street (between Richards & Homer)


Emily Mallum sits here and draws a man's death in episode 4x10 "Forced Perspective".


English Bay Beach

Empire States Building Bathroom

Bathroom where the first victim is beetle-ified in episode #313 "Immortality".

The Captain French

Brayson Place Hotel

Hotel where the Fringe team rescues folks from before it gets destroyed in episode #215 "Jacksonville".

Ceperley Meadow (Stanley Park)

Field of White Tulips

Field of tulips that young Olivia runs away to in episode #315 "Subject 13".

Richmond International High School and College

Jacksonville Family Daycare Center

Daycare center where the cortexiphan trials were conducted as seen in episodes #215 "Jacksonville" & #315 "Subject 13".

Bishop Dynamic

Location of the Bishop Dynamic offices Over There as seen in episode #315 "Subject 13".

Annie's Place

Maple Leaf Diner

Walter and Peter enter this diner and discover that strange things are happening in Westfield in episode 4x12 "Welcome to Westfield".

Caffè Brixton

Marquard's Cafe

Walter and Olivia are eating at this cafe when the electrical phenomenon destroys it in episode #404 "Subject 9".

Blenz Coffee

Massive Dynamic Cafeteria

Fauxlivia and Peter talk in the Massive Dynamic cafeteria in episode #304 "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?".


1457 26th Avenue W

Clayton House

House where the young boy is kidnapped from in episode 3x07 "The Abducted".

Second Beach Parking Lot (Stanley Park)

Central Park

Parking lot in central park where the Fringe team is knocked out and Walternate shoots Olivia in episode #322 "The Day We Died".

EasyPark Lot 34

Construction Site

Site where the man is impaled with an i-beam at the start of episode #410 "Forced Perspective".

Paramount Place

New York City Street

Olivia and Walter arrive in New York and Walter attempts to handle being outside the lab for the first time in many years in episode 4x04 "Subject 9".

Blood & Iron

Padaria de Divina

The Fringe team begins their search for Fauxlivia in front of this pastry shop in episode #308 "Entrada".

National Avenue & Main Street

Pittsfield Street

Peter gets into a taxi after leaving the hospital in episode 3x21 "The Last Sam Weiss".

Seabus Facility

Alternate New York Dock

The Fringe team Over There searches for Olivia after she swam from Liberty Island in episode #301 "Olivia".

Alternate Liberty Island Dock

When escaping from the Liberty Island facility Olivia jumps from the shore in episode #301 "Olivia".

92 Lonsdale Avenue

Lloyd Becker's Apartment

Apartment where Neil kills Lloyd Becker in episode #217 "Olivia, In the Lab, With the Revolver".


Former Carmanah Design and Manufacturing

Industrial Park of I-78

Industrial park where the money exchange takes place in episode #207 "Of Human Action".

Dig Site

A piece of the machine is dug up here in episode 3x06 "6955 kHz".

Industrial Area

The Fringe team finds a pile of abandoned wheelchairs belonging to the victims in episode 3x16 "Os".

The Brimacombe Building (UBC)


The hospital Fauxlivia goes to after having her baby in episode #318 "Bloodline".

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Olivia and Peter visit MIT to talk to one of Neil Chung former colleagues in episode 4x11 "Making Angels".

Former Parking Lot (at Pender & Gore)


Gas station where Lincoln Lee confronts Olivia while Henry Higgins is fueling up his cab in episode #301 "Olivia".

Alley (south of 57th, west of 176a)

Westfield Alley

After leaving the police station the group walks down this alley in episode #412 "Welcome to Westfield".


Inter City Motel

Inter City Motel

Motel where the team locates Timur & his brother Aleks in episode #206 "Earthling".