John Doe Filming Locations

Part of the Set in Seattle (filmed in Vancouver) Collection

John Doe was filmed in Vancouver, North Vancouver, & Britannia Beach in Canada and in the United States of America.

Terminal City Iron Works

Seedy Street

Street where all the murders take place and where John is shocked again to reactivate his powers in episode 1x19 “Shock to the System”.

Little Saigon

John and Frank travel here to investigate Vietnamese funeral parlors in episode 1x02 “Blood Lines”.

Seattle Street

John chases a suspect to this street who then escapes mysteriously in episode 1x07 “Mind Games”.

402 Collins Ave.

Police break open the door to this warehouse which then explodes in episode 1x11 “John D.O.A.”.


Warehouse where the suspect keeps his hostages in episode 1x13 “Family Man”.