John Doe Filming Locations

Part of the Set in Seattle (filmed in Vancouver) Collection

John Doe was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

Minaty Bay


John flies down to the beach and finds the missing girl and her father in pilot episode.

Vancouver Central Library

Seattle Public Library

Library where John goes to test his knowledge in pilot episode.

2400 Court Motel


John searches a motel in pilot episode.

Norma Rose Point School

Lakewood School

A girl disappears from her school in pilot episode.

Granville Island Parking Lot

Hot Dog Stand

John visits a hot dog stand to test out what he might like in pilot episode.

Rogers Building

Seattle Street

John gives directions in pilot episode.

Plaza of Nations

Hot Dog Stand

John visits the hot dog stand again and sees someone in color floating past on a ferry in episode 1x02 "Blood Lines".

Casa Mia

Columbia Terrace Vineyards

Vineyards where the police raid occurs in episode 1x04 "Past Imperfect".

H.R. MacMillan Building (UBC)

Physics Building Courtyard

Courtyard where John & Karen are confronted by an activist in episode 1x04 "Past Imperfect".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Seattle Courthouse

Karen is brought to court. Filmed in the heritage courtrooms. in episode 1x06 "Low Art".

Seattle Art Gallery

Karen is working at the art gallery when she is accused of theft and murder in episode 1x06 "Low Art".

St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church


The church John visits in episode 1x10 "The Mourner".

West Waterfront Road (between Howe & Main)

Seattle Street

Street where the police chase down and stop a van their believed contained John in episode 1x11 "John D.O.A.".

1228 Marinaside Crescent

Rachel's Apartment

Where John goes to pick up Rachel for their date in episode 1x12 "Tone Dead".


Sulfur Pits (Vancouver Wharves)

Sulfur Plant

Facility where the mass grave is found in episode 1x13 "Family Man".

Bridgman Park

Seattle Park

Park where the two girls are walking together in episode 1x13 "Family Man".

1st Street & Chesterfield Avenue

Crash Site

Location of the staged crash in episode 1x13 "Family Man".

Waterfall Building

Robert Shoely's Apartment

The police track the phone call to someone living at this address in episode 1x14 "Ashes to Ashes".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Alley Kidnapping

Someone is kidnapped in an alley in episode 1x14 "Ashes to Ashes".

Performance Works

Washington Art Museum

Museum where the student art competition holding Karen's work take place in episode 1x14 "Ashes to Ashes".

Ravine Trail (Stanley Park)

Palmer Park (Waterfront)

Park where the "psychic" leads the police the first time in episode 1x15 "Psychic Connection".


4743 Belmont Avenue

Stefano Moretti's House

John tracks Stefano's stolen briefcase back to her own house in episode 1x18 "Save as... John Doe".

848 West Hastings Street

Akira Electronics

Computer store where John is led with the briefcase in episode 1x18 "Save as... John Doe".

Granville Island Public Market

Outside The Sea

John is struck by lightning and loses his powers here in episode 1x19 "Shock to the System".

Victory Square

Seattle Plaza

Trenchcoat and the PI meet in a park in episode 1x07 "Mind Games". The team investigates the death of the PI in episode 1x08 "Idaho".

Terminal City Iron Works

Little Saigon

John and Frank travel here to investigate Vietnamese funeral parlors in episode 1x02 "Blood Lines".

Seattle Street

John chases a suspect to this street who then escapes mysteriously in episode 1x07 "Mind Games".

402 Collins Ave.

Police break open the door to this warehouse which then explodes in episode 1x11 "John D.O.A.".


Warehouse where the suspect keeps his hostages in episode 1x13 "Family Man".

Seedy Street

Street where all the murders take place and where John is shocked again to reactivate his powers in episode 1x19 "Shock to the System".

Pipeline Road Bridge (Stanley Park)

Palmer Park (Bridge)

Skeletal remains are found under this bridge in episode 1x15 "Psychic Connection".

Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station


Stairs just outside this station are where John rides his motorbike down during the chase scene in episode 1x02 "Blood Lines".

111 Esplanade West

Vanessa's Apartment

Home of the woman that John and Frank interview in episode 1x04 "Past Imperfect".

RBC Financial Group


Bank that Paulette Chambers visits in episode 1x18 "Save as... John Doe".

West Pender Street & Burrard Street


Intersection where John starts a test drive in pilot episode.

Vancouver Rowing Club


Dock where John & Frank chase Evan Nichols in the pilot (#101).

The Sandbar Seafood

The Sea

Exterior of The Sea bar where John hangs out throughout the series.


Marco Marine Containers

P&P Shipping Ltd.

The shipping company that Mr. Pickford runs in episode 1x02 "Blood Lines".

Jericho Park


Where John and Rachel has a romantic evening on the waterfront in episode 1x12 "Tone Dead".

West Cordova Street & Homer Street

Seattle Intersection

Location where the two police officers are strapped to a bomb in episode 1x10 "The Mourner".