Alcatraz Filming Locations

In 1963 hundreds of prisoners disappeared from Alcatraz, now they are coming back and it is up to a small team to find and stop these criminals from striking again. Parts of the pilot were filmed in San Francisco, everything else was shot in Vancouver, BC.

Alcatraz was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and San Francisco in United States of America.
Show Map

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Locker Room

Jack Sylvane gets some items from a locker and then attacks a man in pilot episode.

Presidio Graveyard

Rebecca and Diego locate Paxton Petty's bomb stash to a tomb in episode 1x06 "Paxton Petty".

Abandoned High School

Johnny McKee uses the chemistry lab in this school to mix his poisons, the team tracks down his lab here later in episode 1x07 "Johnny McKee".


From episode 1x07 "Johnny McKee".

Terminal City Iron Works

Warehouse Rooftop

Rebecca's partner falls to his death while chasing a suspect across a warehouse roof in pilot episode.

The Blarney Stone

Ray's Bar

Rebecca visits her "uncle" Ray at his bar in pilot episode.


Stockton Street Tunnel (north end)

San Francisco Street

Rebecca chases Jack Sylvane from Barclay Flynn's to here before losing him in pilot episode.

North Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Police Lab

Rebecca analyzes a photograph she found at a crime scene in pilot episode.

Hospital Room

Emerson visits Lucy in the hospital after she is shot in episode 1x03 "Kit Nelson".

Abandoned High School Lab

Rebecca and Emerson search the lab where Johnny McKee was mixing his poisons in episode 1x07 "Johnny McKee".


1141 Filbert Street

Barclay Flynn's House

Jack Sylvane kills a man and steals a key from the man's safe in pilot episode.

Playland (PNE)

Amusement Park

First attack by Ernest Cobb occurs here in episode 1x02 "Ernest Cobb".

Victory Square

Telegraph Hill Square

Rebecca and Emerson track Ernest Cobb to two buildings around Victory Square and this is where he is targeting his victims in episode 1x02 "Ernest Cobb".

Pine Street Park

First set of bombs set by the bomber in episode 1x06 "Paxton Petty".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)


Lucy is being treated in this hospital after she is shot in episode 1x02 "Ernest Cobb". Lucy is taken from the hospital by Hauser in episode 1x06 "Paxton Petty".

Carter Cotton Building

Telegraph Hill Building

Building that Emerson investigates while searching for Ernest Cobb in episode 1x02 "Ernest Cobb".

The Dominion Building

Telegraph Hill Building

Rebecca searches this building's rooftop and locates Ernest Cobb before he can kill again in episode 1x02 "Ernest Cobb".


Corner Cafe


Diego visits a cafe and asks if Kit Nelson has been in to order cherry pie in episode 1x03 "Kit Nelson".

Sasamat Lake (Belcarra Regional Park)

Lafayette Recreation Area

Lake where Kit Nelson takes his hostage fishing in episode 1x03 "Kit Nelson".

Moderne Burger

Hillcrest Diner

Diner where Diego tracks Kit Nelson and his victim to in episode 1x03 "Kit Nelson".

Langley Arts Council

Colonial Liberty Bank

First bank Cal Sweeney robs in episode 1x04 "Cal Sweeney".

RBC Financial Group

Heritage Bay National Bank

Second bank that Cal Sweeney robs at which the police standoff occurs in episode 1x04 "Cal Sweeney".

New Town Bakery & Restaurant

Dim Sum Restaurant

Restaurant where Rebecca and Diego eat Dim Sum in episode 1x04 "Cal Sweeney". Rebecca eats here with Ray in episode 1x05 "Guy Hastings".

Esplanade Avenue & Lonsdale Avenue

San Francisco Street

Intersection where Rebecca manages to slip away from Diego in episode 1x04 "Cal Sweeney".

Bay Street & Orwell Street

San Francisco Street

Rebecca turns this corner and crashes the police car into another car to knock out Cal Sweeney in episode 1x04 "Cal Sweeney".

607 Front Street

Front Street Apartments

Rebecca and Hauser search Ray's apartment to find where Guy Hastings took him in episode 1x05 "Guy Hastings".


Empty Lot (off Harbourside Drive)

142 Broadway

Rebecca and Diego investigate the address Johnny McKee gave on his employment forms only to find it's an empty lot in episode 1x07 "Johnny McKee".


Fortune Sound Club


Johnny McKee poisons four guys in a nightclub in episode 1x07 "Johnny McKee".

Yung Sing Co. Ltd.

Herbal Store

The team talks to the storeowner about the sale of poisonous plants in episode 1x07 "Johnny McKee".

Arundel Mansion Hotel

Ray's Bar

Exterior of Ray's Bar.