Movies Filmed at Third Beach

Part of Stanley Park
Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
Ferguson Point from Psych and 2 other movies.
326 m

Tatlow Walk from The Anachronism
464 m

Thompson Trail from The Flash and 2 other movies.
615 m

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The Flash

Harrison & Tess on Beach

In a flashback Eobard Thawne watches Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan watch the sunset on the beach in episode 1x17 "Tricksters".

Once Upon a Time


Emma and Neal Cassidy are talking on the beach when Tamara passes during a jog in episode 2x21 "Second Star to the Right".

Battlestar Galactica

Baltar's Projection

Baltar and Head Six on the beach in episode 3x06 "Torn".