Mad Men Filming Locations

Mad Men is set in 1960's New York.

Mad Men was filmed in Los Angeles & Honolulu in United States of America.
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The Prince


Don Draper drinks in The Prince's red leather booths in episode 1x02 "Ladies Room".


Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

New York Savoy

From episode 1x06 "Babylon".

Source: IMDb

Casey's Irish Pub

PJ Clarke's

Sterling Cooper employees go out to celebrate after work in episode 1x08 "The Hobo Code".


Fox Residence

Don and Joy stay at this house in their time in Palm Springs in episode 2x11 "The Jet Set".


Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Hilton Rome

From episode 3x08 "Souvenir".


Ebell Club of Los Angeles

Roger's Daughter's Wedding

From episode 3x12 "The Grown-Ups".


The Shores Apartments

Hotel Pool

Don Draper joins his kids for a swim while in California in episode 4x13 "Tomorrowland".


Rod's Grill


Megan and Don eat at the diner in the Plattsburg, NY Howard Johnson in episode 5x06 "Far Away Places".


The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Hawaiian Resort

From episode 6x01 "The Doorway, Part 1".


Los Angeles Center Studios


Office scenes are filmed in Los Angeles Center Studios.


Bob's Big Boy


Don is impressed with Megan for how she handles Sally spilled milkshake in episode 4x13 "Tomorrowland".

Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet


Roger remembers taking Don to lunch in a flashback of how Don Draper got into advertising.


675 Arden Road

The Draper's House

This Pasadena home is used for the Draper's house in Ossining, New York


Los Angeles Theatre


Don and Betty talk to Jim Hobart during the intermission of Fiorello! in episode 1x09 "Shoot".