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1531 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 1W1, Canada

A Queen Anne style mansion building in 1901 for the owner of the B.C. Sugar Refining Company. This is a Vancouver heritage building.

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Roland Barrett's House

The Fringe team tracks Roland Barrett to this house where he is conducting his experiments in episode 3x09 “Marionette”.

The Magicians

Irish Monastery

Quentin heads into a former monastery to find that Alice set up a summoning for him to trigger to bring about Friar Joseph in episode 2x08 “Word as Bond”.

Abandoned West Dormitory

Penny attempts to communicate with Julia and Quentin through a trapped ghost while they attempt to find out about the second key in episode 3x04 “Be The Penny”.


Leviathan Headquarters

The Leviathan agent reports her failure to acquire the amulet to Rama Khan, the head of the organization. Later, Alex and Brainy find the exterior of the building but are thwarted by security in episode 5x07 “Tremors”. Rama Khan learns he is on thin ice with the Elder and Gamemnae convinces him to try something big while the planets are aligned in episode 5x08 “The Wrath of Rama Khan”.


Mabel Cartwright's Home

Alice follows August Cartwright's directions to find Mouse but the fear toxin gets the better of him and he locks her up in episode 1x15 “Off With Her Head”.