Movies Filmed at Wallace Shipyards

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Historic Vancouver shipyards, has been mostly torn down.

Nearby Locations
Former Warehouse at Wallace Shipyards from Romeo Must Die
75 m

Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier from Arrow
81 m

Pier 7 Restaurant + Bar from iZombie and 1 other movie.
91 m

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Bay Cleanup Announcement

Oliver announces his plan to clean up the Star City Bay while Darhk watches in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".


Waterfront Street

On her way to her date-aversary dinner Alex saves several people from a falling crane when the shockwave hits in episode 5x05 "Dangerous Liaisons".

The X-Files

Lake Michigan Waterfront

Max Fenig hides from the soldiers in a warehouse on the docks where Mulder and Scully find him in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".



Alt-Broyles sits in his car trying to decide what to do with the device David Robert Jones gave him in episode 4x18 "The Consultant".

Dark Angel

South Market

Market built inside a old warehouse used throughout the series first seen in episode 1x07 "Blah Blah Woof Woof".