Movies Filmed at Wallace Shipyards

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Historic Vancouver shipyards, has been mostly torn down.

Nearby Locations
Former Warehouse at Wallace Shipyards from Romeo Must Die
75 m

Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier from Arrow
81 m

Esplanade East (between Lonsdale & St. G… from Stargate: Continuum
94 m

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Bay Cleanup Announcement

Oliver announces his plan to clean up the Star City Bay while Darhk watches in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".



Alt-Broyles sits in his car trying to decide what to do with the device David Robert Jones gave him in episode 4x18 "The Consultant".

The X-Files

Lake Michigan Waterfront

Max Fenig hides from the soldiers in a warehouse on the docks where Mulder and Scully find him in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".

Dark Angel

South Market

Market built inside a old warehouse used throughout the series first seen in episode 1x07 "Blah Blah Woof Woof".